Kyler Murray is staying patient with the process


The Cardinals drafted Kyler Murray No. 1 overall to be their quarterback of the future. Their trade of Josh Rosen made Murray the Cardinals’ quarterback of the present.

But the present doesn’t start for another four months, so Murray is being patient in learning what he needs to know before the season opener.

“This is all a process, a learning experience right now,” Murray said Wednesday, via Darren Urban of the team website. “A couple months from now I’ll know everything I didn’t know now. Knowing it’s a process, that’s always been good for me.”

Murray doesn’t know what he doesn’t know because he doesn’t know. But he hopes to figure it out quickly.

“For me, there are no limitations,” Murray said. “I’d never do that to myself. But I’m coming at it as if it was my senior year. The circumstances are a little different. I’m new to the league, but at the same time, I’m treating it all the same, trying to get up to speed as if I was a freshman. Obviously, there will be some ups and downs, but every time I touch the field I want to win.”

Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury said benchmarks aren’t necessarily tangible, with improvement a daily process.

“It’s never going to stop with what we expect with how his improvement goes,” Kingsbury said, “however many years he is here.”