Peyton Manning’s comment doesn’t mean Jets didn’t want him

Getty Images

Retired NFL quarterback Peyton Manning said Wednesday that the Jets never contacted him about the team’s vacant G.M. job. And I believe that.

But the fact that the team didn’t directly contact Peyton Manning doesn’t mean that an effort wasn’t made through back channels to gauge his interest. Obviously, if the Jets learned that Manning didn’t want the job without directly contacting him about the job, they never would have directly contacted him.

Jets coach Adam Gase is represented by Jimmy Sexton of CAA. Manning’s football career was handled by Tom Condon of CAA. It wouldn’t have taken many layers and levels of communication for the Jets to secure an informal answer to the question of whether Manning would be in play.

And while I believe that Manning was never contacted by the Jets, I don’t believe Manning’s self-deprecating effort to pooh-pooh his qualifications for the job. Seventeen years of pro football played at an incredibly high level and in possession of one of the great brains in league history makes him qualified for whatever he’d want to do.

At this point, he didn’t want to run the Jets. Chances are he’ll eventually want to run a team, regardless of what his title is.