Travis Frederick: I’m glad to be back to write the next chapter


Travis Frederick admits there was a time after his Guillain-Barré diagnosis that he thought his career was finished. But the Cowboys center is on track to return to the field this season.

“I’m just glad to be back and be able to write the next chapter in this story,” Frederick said Wednesday.

He has an appointment next week for a “sort of final check-in to make sure there’s no permanent damage there.” Doctors will put Frederick through a battery of tests to confirm he is good to go.

He is not participating in team drills during organized team activities. That will have to wait until training camp as he rehabs from two offseason surgeries in addition to his recovery from the autoimmune disease that kept him on the sideline the entire 2018 season.

“I feel good where I am in the weight room. I’ve come a really long way,” Frederick said. “It’s interesting because there’s three things holding me back now. There’s the return from Guillain-Barré. I had a umbilical hernia repair, so that kind of knocked out my lowers for a while, and I had the shoulder repair, so it knocked out my uppers for a while. So I’m still coming back. I’m a little bit behind in the offseason lifting program compared to everybody else because they started a few weeks before I did, but I do feel really good in both areas of where I am at this point.”

The Cowboys are taking a deliberate approach in the four-time Pro Bowler’s return.

“I think we’re just being smart,” Frederick said. “Obviously, I trust in the trainers and what they’re doing and their recommendation there. I think it’s best for me, and it’s good for the team, too. It’s great I can work my way back in. I can knock that some of that rust off before I’m back in there against live bullets.”

7 responses to “Travis Frederick: I’m glad to be back to write the next chapter

  1. Travis being back is such an underrated addition to this years version of the Cowboys. Outside of playing the position, he is instrumental in setting the line calls and calling out adjustments. Again Joe did a great job last year but Travis adds another element to the position with his in game knowledge and experience.

  2. Typically us Eagle fans dont like Cowboy anything…but ill break the mold and say im glad he is back and healthy. He is one of the best at a very under rated position. Gotta get my Eagles comment in though (smile) and say Jason Kelce is still the best center in the NFL but ill still give Travis well wishes.

  3. @stucats, wonder why Cowboy fans are hated. Kelce is a 2 time all pro 4 time probowler and wide reguatded as the BEST center in football. Add he was a 6th round draft pick vs Fredricks #1 round pick. Lets add in one HUGE difference in their similar career’s. Kelce has a ring while Travis and all his team mates were not even born the last time the Boys even played in a SuperBowl…

    I still wish him well. Dont wish any injury especially a career threatening one like he had dealt with. Hope he is 100% this year. Football is so much better when the Boys and Birds both field playoff teams! Good Luck this season

  4. Kelce and Frederick are both really good centers. No reason to get worked up over who’s better. The Cowboys have a better run blocking line, the Eagles better pass blocking. I’m just happy Frederick is back, and yes his calls at the line help Dak tremendously.

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