Bears feel a “different air” around Mitchell Trubisky


Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky said earlier this month that “the bar is definitely set higher” for the team after they won the NFC North last season and the same is true for Trubisky himself.

Trubisky’s entering his third season and his second year in the system brought to Chicago by head coach Matt Nagy, which Nagy said leaves the quarterback at a point where he’s “really trying to master” the offense. Nagy said he’s seen signs of that happening and offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich said Trubisky’s command is “night-and-day” from last season.

“Our standard for him is extremely high,” Helfrich said, via the team’s website. “But just as far as the operation of not only what he’s supposed to do, what the defense is doing, manipulating protections, just the air about him is way different and everybody has noted that, observed that in various ways. Therefore, people around him are playing better and that helps too.”

Trubisky said he can “kind of see everything come to fruition” and continued growth into September would improve the team’s prospects for another division title.

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  1. While Trubisky feels like he knows it better… opposing defenses are mastering the gimmicks Chicago used to move the ball. With those gimmicks, screens and dump offs being taken away… look for another season where Trubisky trusts his legs more than his arm.

  2. The Bears are a popular regression candidate this season mainly because the defense is expected to take a step back and Trubisky is widely seen as mediocre.

    While the defense should take a slight step back with a new coordinator, the roster is the same outside of their bottom 2 defensive backs. What most don’t account for is that Trubisky and the offense can take a massive leap forward in this second year. By pure game experience, Trubisky was a rookie last year in a new offense and was pretty damn good considering, and he showed elite talent if you watched him play. If he takes that next step in the offense this year, the Bears could be even better.

  3. I keep hearing over and over again how he’s been having some serious accuracy issues all offseason. Supposedly Eddie Jackson picked him off 3 times in 11 passes during 7 on 7 drills and that 2 other balls were tipped. Yikes Mitch.

  4. Everyone’s a hall of famer in training camp. Trubisky’s issues were accuracy and ball placement, pocket presence and decision making. He never looked like a top 15 QB last year and when you dig into the numbers, the Bears were one of the most opportunistic teams on defense in a long time, a regression is inevitable on that end. If Trubisky doesn’t improve, they will miss the playoffs

  5. joetoronto says:
    May 30, 2019 at 5:02 pm

    The whole Bears team is severely overrated, not just Trubisky.


    No cares what goofy Canadians have to say, plus you were wrong all last year about the Bears, keeping coming cork jr!

    Overrated, but they have one of the top defenses in the entire league, such an imbecile you are!

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