Free agent Tre Boston “at peace” with waiting for teams to “stop playing games”

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Safety Tre Boston aired his frustration with the offers he’s received as a free agent in early April and things have not changed much with May coming to an end.

Boston was on SiriusXM NFL Radio and said that he believes his play warrants the same kind of contracts that players like Adrian Amos and Lamarcus Joyner received from the Packers and Raiders this offseason. It’s a similar spot to the one he was in last year before signing with the Cardinals in July and Boston said he’s going to wait for teams to “stop playing games” before signing anywhere this year.

“I know I’m worth every dollar those guys are getting paid,” Boston said. “The stats say it, you can’t say it’s not, but, for me, it’s about being at peace with where I’m at. Even though the stats say I might be there, if they’re not paying me that then I will wait until it comes a time where I need to sign and they feel comfortable that I’m worth that.”

Boston said he believes “eventually people are going to come around,” but he’s played on one-year contracts for the last two seasons so it’s hardly guaranteed that anyone will develop the appetite for a bigger deal.

12 responses to “Free agent Tre Boston “at peace” with waiting for teams to “stop playing games”

  1. Come to Jacksonville on a 1 year prove-it deal. You’re a perfect fit and there’s a need there. Join the sleeper team of the AFC South and enjoy the ride.

  2. He’s got almost identical stats to those 2 guys he named last season so yeah, he probably is worth the same money.

  3. I listened to that interview. Before I listened to it I was surprised that he hasn’t been signed. Then he kept talking about getting paid. He was insinuating he wants around 11 million a year. Don’t get me wrong that is about his market value for his play. However he was probably asking for much more than that during the first couple of waves of free agency. Asking for that much money in May it’s highly unlikely with most teams lacking in cap space for a deal that big. He seems like a good dude but he will probably have to sign a 4-5 million 1 year prove it deal. This guy needs a new agent.

  4. The thing he’s misunderstanding is he’s not worth what others are being paid. He’s worth as much as someone is willing to pay him.

  5. This time of year it’s going to be hard to get that kind of money. Wish him the best, I agree he may need to upgrade his agent.

  6. I think this is the 3rd offseason where he’s done this (thinking he’s worth more than he his at his age) while he chooses teams that clearly are not SB contenders.

  7. Doesn’t get it, probably never will.

    Who is going to want him now? Its obvious he’s going to be a bitter whiner about whatever contract he does get. If I was a GM I’d steer clear. Wouldn’t want that attitude in my locker room…

  8. Production and attitude should be the keys to signing a free agent. It doesn’t matter what any player thinks he is worth. Market and need drive the free agent market. There are any number of teams that won’t invest that type of money in a safety.

  9. he believes his play warrants the same kind of contracts that players like Adrian Amos
    Adrian Amos’ lay doesn’t even warrant the contract he received from the Packers

  10. Attitude says it all. It’s not smart going public complaining about salary. Agree he needs a different agent and keep the mouth shut.

  11. Mr Tre Boston sir
    I applaud you. And I’m as avid of a diehard Dallas faithful as they come,,,,57+ yrs now

    I lobbied for you last season & I’ve lobbied for you recently

    I disagree w/the supposed “Tre Boston is not a scheme fit” type talk by our FO
    I regret suffering w/out a true SS FS flex type a guy in yourself

    If fate has it that you’re eventually brought onboard,
    I pray you do us proud by balling out & disproving the gross error in NOT valuing the safety position generally
    That you’re not a fit

    If you’re reading this comment Tre
    Keep your head up
    Stay your course of course


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