Jaguars expected to sign Terrelle Pryor

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Terrelle Pryor will soon have another NFL job.

Pryor, the quarterback-turned-receiver who briefly showed promise with a 1,000-yard receiving season in 2016 but has bounced around the league with little success since then, is expected to sign with the Jaguars, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

The Jaguars worked Pryor out yesterday and apparently liked what they saw. One advantage for Pryor is that he’ll already be familiar with Jaguars offensive coordinator John DeFilippo’s playbook: Pryor played for the Browns in 2015, when DeFilippo was Cleveland’s offensive coordinator.

Last year Pryor played two games for the Bills (catching two passes) and six games for the Jets (catching 14 passes).

Pryor, who will turn 30 in June, had his best season in 2016, when he caught 77 passes for 1,007 yards. Previously a quarterback for the Raiders, Pryor threw for 1,798 yards in 2013 and is one of only two players in NFL history with a 1,000-yard season both passing and receiving.

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  1. As a jag fan, I like it. It cant be for much and he will atleast give another big body to throw too

  2. Robbin, I felt the same way when my skins signed him a couple years ago. You watch his social media videos and you will be blown away by how hard he works. The thing is, when it comes to game time, he cannot catch a cold. Literally.

  3. He keeps getting chances because of that 1000 yard season and his physical tools, but he is a locker room cancer. Remember, the Browns didn’t resign him after that season even though they had a ton of cap room and really not much else to speak of on offense. That should tell you everything you need to know. He got that 1000 in 2016 because he was literally the only decent option.

  4. He had 1 good yr in cleve, wanted to get paid like a top wr in the league, turned down a very good multi year contract in cleve , for a one year prove it contract in washington, which ended badly. Since then he has with various teams and getting cut. Always have wondered if his agent gave him bad advice or if pryor ignored his agent’s advice?

  5. He gambled on himself that he would garner a big payday and it didn’t work out. Now that he’s lost a step and can’t get separation from the D-backs he has overall little value.

  6. Pryor has been a cancer since his high school days. While he was a decent HS QB, his attitude ( praise me… ) doesn’t show any humility. He had a shot while in Cleveland, but his swelled head overcame any judgement he might have had. There are those that think he got Tressel fired at tOSU…but that wasn’t Pryor’s fault. Tressel was a victim of his own lies and deceit.

  7. defscottyb says:
    May 30, 2019 at 9:19 am
    I was excited when the Skins signed him then hardly any anything happened.
    Yep, but the local media drooled over him because he was the OTA and training camp stud. Unfortunately for him he had to put pads on and actually play against a defense as opposed to 7 on 7 drills in shorts.

  8. He’s 30, showed some flash with the Browns (and no, not in junk time) but hasn’t replicated it. It’s a risk but not in May. And I am pretty sure it isn’t the most lucrative contract in the world. Prove it or lose it is what I always say.

    (*coughs* Kirk Cousins)

  9. 5thorkid says:

    Wow, what a bust. How does this guy keep getting chances?

    Bust? This is a guy who trained to be a QB all his life, saw the writing on the wall, and was able to successfully change positions and play in the NFL. He may be a bust as a QB but he’s certainly not a bust as a football player. At least he didn’t let his Pride come before the Fall out of the league. Instead, Pryor busted his butt and kept a job in the league instead of being prideful and toiling away in the minor leagues as a marketing gimmick to sell jerseys.

  10. RussianBreadMaker i agree, but yall signed him to be the number 1/2 wr… He’s not going to be high on our board unless he proves he can be… Different situation..The jags signed Arrelous Benn a couple years ago for special teams . I see the same for him

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