Josh Rosen sees similarities, challenges in Dolphins offense


When discussing the challenges of learning his latest new offense, Josh Rosen invoked the name of the best modern quarterback.

He also said it reminds him of an offense some fans would rather forget.

Via Safid Deen of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Rosen said that in learning what new Dolphins offensive coordinator Chad O’Shea wanted him to do, the goal was to become like Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

“You see Tom at the line of scrimmage — Brady — and he’s orchestrating traffic,” Rosen said. “He’s doing everything super fluidly because he’s been in the offense for so many years. You can only hope to get somewhere close to that fluidity. This offense puts a lot on the quarterback, and I enjoy that.”

O’Shea worked under Patriots coordinator Josh McDaniels, so the systems ought to share many qualities. But Rosen said it also reminded him of what he learned briefly under Mike McCoy, who was fired from his job as Cardinals offensive coordinator six games into Rosen’s rookie season.

McCoy worked for McDaniels in Denver, and has evolved over the years, from his days as a West Coast offense quarterback, to becoming more of a disciple of the Don Coryell-style in Carolina under Dan Henning. But in Arizona, the offense was just bad, and not the kind of train wreck you should blame on any individual or concept.

“That tree kinda falls here,” Rosen said of the coaching circle. “They just put a lot on the quarterback. Operationally, when all the responsibilities are sort of under one roof, and it’s all under the quarterback, once you get it down, you can go quickly.

“The thing is you got to get it down, and I’m in the process.”

If nothing else, Rosen should be used to the process. O’Shea’s his sixth offensive coordinator in five seasons, so he’s been forced to learn and learn quickly.

11 responses to “Josh Rosen sees similarities, challenges in Dolphins offense


    In a year or two… josh rosen will be traded to another sucker team

  2. Rosen is super intelligent and tough as they come, which is no doubt qualities the Patriots liked in him. Ultimately, it will depend on the Dolphins Organization and the talent they put around Rosen to make this work. The fact that they have a better coaching staff, have had success in the past and have such consultants as Dan Marino gives this a better shot at succeeding than Josh would ever have had in Arizona. Rosen got a bad rap in Arizona because of the Organization he was with but earned the friendship and respect of some pretty powerful players in the league through his hard work, high football IQ, leadership, and professionalism.

  3. Smart move by Flores trading for Rosen. Now he has an excuse for why they go 0-16.

  4. Rosen is a bust. They robbed Miami for that 2nd rounder. Watched him play several times in college and NFL games…he’s not a leader or a winner. Big arm and that’s it. Young Jay Cutler.

  5. You have to believe with Brian Flores at the coach, the Dolphins offense will look a lot like the Patriots offense. The Patriots were rumored to be interested in Rosen when he came out of UCLA, To me that means the Patriots thought Rosen could run that offense. Drawing a conclusion, Rosen should be able to handle the Dolphins offense under Flores.

  6. alongthegulf says:
    May 30, 2019 at 1:14 pm

    The Patriots were rumored to be interested in Rosen when he came out of UCLA,
    If they liked him, they easily could have offered more than the Dolphins did. The fact that they did not should tell you exactly how highly the Patriots valued Rosen.

  7. ..have such consultants as Dan Marino gives this a better shot at succeeding.
    Why hasn’t Marino’s consulting provided dividends in the past 30 years?

  8. He got blamed for that Arizona fiasco. It’s hard to believe that he was the problem seeing how quickly Arizona fell off the map. If he can become a leader he will be above average. A comparison to Jay cutler, talent wise is good but attitude wise is not.

  9. Except for the desperate Dolphins, the Patriots and the rest of the NFL had seen enough of Rosen to pass on trading for him.
    All of the Pro-Ready propaganda for Rosen have been disproved by his own failings on the field so all that is left is to see if Rosen can miraculously reinvent himself as a legitimate NFL QB in Miami.

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