K.J. Wright expects Bobby Wagner to remain with Seahawks

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K.J. Wright and Bobby Wagner have played next to each other for seven straight years in the middle of the Seattle Seahawks defense. The two are close friends and have an innate sense for what the other will do on the football field without even needed to verbalize what they’re seeing from opposing offenses.

So when Wright says he expects with 100 percent confidence that Wagner will remain with the Seahawks beyond the 2019 season, it’s worth taking at face value.

“Bobby knows what he is doing,’’ Wright said following practice on Wednesday. “It’s going to be really exciting to see everything pan out. He’s going to be a Seahawk for life. Go get a hell of a deal done. So I’m excited to see how it all turns out.’’

It’s a bit of role reversal from last year when Wagner was campaigning for the Seahawks to keep Wright after his contract expired in March. After a brief testing of the waters in free agency, Wright re-signed with the team on a two-year deal. However, the price of keeping Wagner is probably far different from what the team had anticipated prior to the start of free agency.

C.J. Mosley‘s new contract with the New York Jets reset the bar for middle linebackers in the NFL at $17 million a season. The deal is worth a total of $85 million with $43 million guaranteed over five years. Luke Kuechly of the Carolina Panthers had previously been the bar at an average of $12.4 million per year. Wagner, who is serving as his own agent, said last week that he intends to surpass Mosley’s number.

“I mean, the number is the number, the market is the market. That’s the top (of the) linebacker market,” Wagner said. “That is the standard. And so that is the plan to break that.”

Knowing where the price for Wagner had gone following the Mosley deal may have been some of the impetus for Seattle trading Frank Clark to Kansas City prior to the draft as well. Between Wagner and Clark, Wagner may have been the greater priority. And in addition to Wagner, the Seahawks have to make a decision on defensive tackle Jarran Reed as well, who had 10.5 sacks last season.

Nevertheless, Wright still believes the Seahawks and Wagner will make sure he remains as the center of Seattle’s defense well beyond the upcoming season.

“A hundred percent,” Wright said. The Seahawks know the defense wins football games and if you want to have a chance at keeping this franchise successful (and) making the playoffs. You’ve got to get the best linebacker in the game signed. It’s a no-brainer to me. Healthy, balling… all the signs to me say get it done.”

8 responses to “K.J. Wright expects Bobby Wagner to remain with Seahawks

  1. Sounds like KJ Wright protests to much. Bobby Wagner turns 29yrs old in a matter of days, by the time SEA signs him to a new deal he will either be 30 or will be entering his age 30 season which is why I see a scenario where it is highly likely the Hawks let Wagner walk and do not re-sign him. Mosley just signed an $85 Million dollar deal, Luke Kuechly plans to surpass that. Given how badly the Hawks have been burned over the last 5yrs signing aging veterans to enormous contracts there is a very very good chance that SEA opts to let Wagner walk. Given KJ Wright arthritic knee that is bone on bone and so bad the Hawks do not think he has more than 2 years left in him (which is why no other team offered him any real money in free-agency) so the Hawks could be rebuilding that entire LB corps as early as this off-season or if not this year then next season.

  2. I don’t think the market will tolerate the huge increase that the Jets set. I hope he gets signed, but I am thinking it more likely than not to be an ugly couple of years with at least next year being a franchise/transitional year.

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