Kyler Murray is already getting compared to Patrick Mahomes


As if being the first overall pick in the draft wasn’t enough pressure, rookie quarterback Kyler Murray already is drawing comparisons to 2018 NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes.

Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic has quotes from multiple Cardinals vouching for the notion that Murray throws the ball like Mahomes.

“You could compare it to that,” receiver Christian Kirk said. “It’s very unique, for sure. I’ve talked about it before. Obviously, everyone knows what he can do with his legs, but what he’s able to do with his arm and just the way it comes off his hand. It’s never a duck; it’s always a spiral. . . . It’s just so quick coming off his hands and the ball is usually never late and it’s usually never underthrown.”

Running back David Johnson agrees.

“I think you can say that, yeah,” Johnson said. “That’s a good comparison. It’s high praise, but I think it’s a good comparison. Kyler’s got one heck of an arm, that’s for sure.”

“Kyler’s a different guy, man,” tight end Ricky Seals-Jones added. “He’s got it all. He can spin it. It’s going to be fun to watch and it’s going to be fun being out there making plays for him.”

The guy who coached Mahomes and now coaches Murray would have the best insight on the matter. And Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury was bashful about making the comparison.

“It’s just a quick, efficient release,” Kingsbury said regarding Murray’s throwing motion. “He can drop it down. Pat was the same way and is the same way. They can drop it down and not lose accuracy, not lose touch. They’re so used to throwing from different platforms, different angles in baseball and it just translates over to football for them.”

The ability to change arm angle as needed, a topic that came up on Wednesday’s PFT Live in connection with a discussion of Broncos quarterback Drew Lock (video embedded), without losing accuracy makes a quarterback far more valuable.

“Yeah, they don’t always have to be on a perfect plain or a great pocket,” Kingsbury said. “They can throw from spaces or moving or falling off balance and still be accurate and throw with velocity and touch.”

Beyond the ability to deliver the ball accurately at different arm angles, Mahomes has the ability to use his legs to buy enough time to find open receivers.

“You can see it throughout the NFL,” Kingsbury said. “Guys that are able to do that are having a lot of success, starting with Pat. You know, Aaron Rodgers has been phenomenal at it. Deshaun Watson, Ben Roethlisberger, all those guys, that second phase of extending the play, it’s huge.”

Murray takes the comparisons to Mahomes, like Murray takes everything else, in stride.

“I mean, he obviously won MVP,” Murray said. “I respect his game a lot, obviously. I think for me, it’s just working to be myself and just be the best me I can be. But no, I take it as a compliment.”

It’s a compliment, but it also pushes a high bar even higher for an undersized quarterback who truly could become the NFL’s next big thing in 2019.

12 responses to “Kyler Murray is already getting compared to Patrick Mahomes

  1. Hasn’t played a down in the NFL yet and he’s being compared to last year’s MVP who threw 50 TDs? With this level of hero worship I’m surprised they didn’t go ALL the way in and proclaim that he’s a combination of Mahomes, Rogers and Brady, and the only thing left to do is to size him for the superbowl ring he’s sure to win this year (with a gold jacket to follow down the line).

    The fact is, they have no idea how he’s going to look once he’s running for his life from faster defenses in the NFL than he’s ever seen before. There’s no denying that this could be boom or bust, but the smart money is on the latter choice.

  2. Arizona has stolen the offseason championship away from the Dolphins…wait, Dolphins acquired Arizona’s old QB in a trade. Maybe the Dolphins are going to make a 4th quarter comeback to snag victory from the jaws of defeat

  3. Heck, why stop there?
    Why not compare him to Tom Brady.
    In fact, why not say “He looks Better than Brady”.

    I hope Josh Rosen has a better career than Murray.
    Now THAT would be funny.

  4. The Cardinals have about ten offseasons championship banners hanging from the rafters. Steve Keim is an offseason genius. Doesn’t get any better than Arizona in the offseason. Now when the season starts…

  5. That “comparison” started the moment he declared for the draft. Let’s not forget that a QB needs a team around them to succeed. He can be very good but have a very bad season. This is the AZ Cardinals after all.

  6. His football quickness is astounding. I’ve seen all the tape on him. If he can survive that horrible offensive line, he’ll be a blast to watch.

  7. “We drafted a QB 1st overall and think we’ve made a massive mistake. After only a couple of weeks looking at him we’re confident he’s going to be a dud.”

    Said no one ever.

    Of course it’s going to be all positive and future Hall of Famer at this stage

  8. ab420420 says:
    May 30, 2019 at 7:56 am
    Arizona has stolen the offseason championship away from the Dolphins…wait, Dolphins acquired Arizona’s old QB in a trade. Maybe the Dolphins are going to make a 4th quarter comeback to snag victory from the jaws of defeat
    How bad is your team when you have to compare them to this year’s Dolphins and coaching staff.

  9. Some serious Az envy going on in these comments. lol Az Cardinals last 10 years. 2 NFC championship games 1 super bowl. It is the Cardinals after all.

  10. Other than one glaring obvious fact there is literally zero comparison between Mahommes and Murray. None. Mahommes can make all the throws and then some… Murray is an undersized glorified RB. They aren’t even close to being comparable to one another.

  11. Bob McManahan is stirring the koolaid. Last year is wasn’t a rebuild and they were going to win 10 games! They were lucky to win 3! Terrible GM. A coach that has no successful experience, a Heisman trophy winning QB that will be running for his life with a terrible O line. To Kliff and Kyler, get ready for a game that is faster and more physical than anything you have seen and also get ready for pass coverages that you have never seen every week and great disguises that by the time you realize what it is you will under great pressure. When they have one of the 1st picks next year, do they take another qb? Because there are 4 VERY GOOD ones going to be available. Should have made the smart choice and taken Bosa. But thats why they’re the

  12. Drum roll please…

    Kyler Murray DOES compare to Patrick Mahomes…

    Both have a baseball background and are phenomenal at throwing the ball from different angles.

    Since when did comparison mean… EXACT CLONE.

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