Patrick Mahomes studying playbook during severe storms

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Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has shown he can be calm under pressure.

Even if that pressure is in the form of a tornado.

Via Pete Grathoff of the Kansas City Star, Mahomes’ girlfriend shared a photo on social media of him sitting calmly and studying his playbook while severe storm warnings were in their area.

At least his dog seems to be watching the news to stay apprised of their safety (and probably tried to tell him that playing basketball at the local gym wasn’t a good idea either).

12 responses to “Patrick Mahomes studying playbook during severe storms

  1. The right kind of passion! Not kicking someone out of a hotel room, studying the playbook. This kid will go far.

  2. Gotta make a Brady comparison for that behavior. Brady is notorious for his study of playbook and film, he has a set up installed in his home because he actually sees it not as ‘work’ but as an enjoyable way to relax and unwind. That is unusual. Very few of us, even those terrific at our jobs, actually go so far as to view studying to do our jobs better as a way to relax and unwind from the day. In Brady’s case, having been that way for so long is cumulated in a guy with that incredibly fast recognition and decision making ability that carries him a lot more than any athletic skills. The comparison is be ause this is not the first time stuff has come out that shows Mahomes also has that ‘studies even to just relax at night’ trait. This will cumulate each year he plays so over time he will acquire that same recognize/react ability to as deadly a level as Brady has it and it will become a bigger factor than any athleticism he might have except unlike Brady Mahomes is athletic as hell.

  3. I’m not knocking Maholmes for studying, the opposite, I am praising his work ethic and determination to improve his craft. I just see posting it on social media as desperate and seeking attention.

  4. Other QBs can learn a lot from Mahomes…like spend more time studying than partying at teh beach (Bortles).

  5. Defenses now have tape on him. He will have to evolve his game to stay ahead of them. And he has the right work ethic to do just that.
    Not sure he can do 50 & 5k again this year but 40 & 4k should be enough if their defense can just crack the top 20.

  6. @sportoficionado he didn’t post it on social media his gf did. Maybe she is seeking attention. Or maybe she respects, appreciates and admires his dedication to his job and his determination to be the best and thinks others will too. Who knows? But it doesn’t matter one way or the other to me. I’m a diehard Cowboys fan and my late wife was a Bengals fan so I only really root for those 2 teams but Mahomes has me paying attention to KC now too.

  7. It’s amazing , the hatred that some of you have directed at this guy . He’s a pros pro . A prodigy. 5000 yards and 50 tds. I have to believe that most of you can’t be this stupid and are simply trolling for the hell of it , belong to a rival afc west fan base or are Patriots fans seeing the new goat take center stage while the old goat rides off into the sunset.

    I hate Denver , as a kid Elway broke my heart so many times but I never was under some type of ignorant illusion that Elway sucked at quarterback play- or it was because of Reeves or Shanahan or somehow he was a good quarterback only because he has a great wide receiver or tight end. Manning as well – in Denver he was lights out same old Manning- Kubiak, Tony Dungy- it wasn’t because of Harrison , or Thomas , or Clark …I was not a fan of the broncos but I had it in me to at least recognize greatness when I was witness to it.

    The people claiming without hunt or hill he will be nothing are simply showing how ignorant they are as football fans .

    The people claiming that he is a system quarterback apparently have no idea what a system quarterback is.
    Does he play like Alex Smith ? Same system right ? Night and day the difference .
    What about some of the other quarterbacks that played under Reid as a head coach ?
    Look at Mcnabb, Vick, Kolb? Nope not even close .

    He may regress slightly but he will always be considered a top tier starting quarterback -always in the top 3 and he will have another statistical season that matches or exceeds his mvp season.

    Enjoy the game, be delighted at the things he can do.
    Even as a rival fan you should be able to understand that you are witnessing something different and great – a one of a kind player , once in a generation.

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