Report: George Paton declines interview for Jets G.M. job


The Jets asked Vikings assistant General Manager George Paton to interview for their G.M. vacancy in 2013 and again in 2015, but Paton turned down the opportunity each time.

Paton’s answer reportedly hasn’t changed in 2019. The Jets are looking for a G.M. after firing Mike Maccagnan and Paton’s name again made their list of candidates. reports that Paton has passed on the chance for the third time, however.

Seahawks co-director of player personnel Scott Fitterer is set to start the interview process for the Jets with Eagles vice president of player personnel Joe Douglas and Bears assistant director of player personnel Champ Kelly also scheduled to speak to the team. Saints director of pro scouting Terry Fontenot has also been mentioned as a candidate, but there’s been no word that an interview has been set.

The Jets will be looking for a long run from whoever winds up in the job. If that’s not how things play out, it might save some time to just leave Paton off the list for the next search.

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  1. Article from CBS on Monday/Tuesday talked about how some candidates will be advised to turn down interviews because Douglas is pretty much a foregone conclusion and was the worst kept secret before the draft around the league lol.

    Even with that said I don’t think Paton wants to be a GM, like Ed Dodds in Indy.

  2. LOL!

    Why do they bother continuing to make fools of themselves? It’s almost like they enjoy it. Just hire some interim person internally until the Johnson brothers (currently on trial for opioid corruption in Oklahoma), resign or relinquish CEO/COO powers to someone with some respectability?

    They should have not hired awful Gase which in turn fired McCagnan.

    They’re so dumb.

    The only way this can work for them is if the horrible reputation Johnsons are not in the equation.

  3. This entire thing is an absolute debacle. If this new GM does not report to Gase (there have been very few examples of this being the case) then Adam Gase will be one and done after this year.

    We’ve seen this time and time again. A new GM comes in and his first move is almost always is firing the coach and bringing his own. That will be Sam Darnold’s third head coach in three years. We’ve seen THIS time and time again how having to constantly learn a new system wrecks a QB’s development.

    Not a good time to be a Jet fan right now.

  4. Why not consider Mike Tannenbaum for the GM job. He and Gase would make a formidable team.

  5. How many shots do front office employees get at being a GM? My guess is it’s 1… maybe 2. Why would any GM waste their shot with the NYJ when they churn through execs?

  6. A certain Speildope is on an extremely short leash after the Cousins debacle. If George plays his cards right, he might just be the next Vikings GM failure.

  7. Have these teams not figured out yet that Paton does not have the balls to be a GM and knows every time this comes up his buddy Spielman Goes to Ziggy and gets him a raise… He won’t be the next Vikings GM either….

  8. Even the guy who stomped the Germans at the Battle of the Bulge knows the Jets are hopeless.

  9. kcflake says:
    May 30, 2019 at 12:20 pm
    Jets would be wise to avoid scott pioli.

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    Yeah, the guy who wasn’t allowed to get funding for a real coach and how set your team up for good position only to have Dorsey pretend he was great.

    Sounds great.

    This is why you Chiefs fans will never win jack squat. You’re too angry and clueless. Not quite Jets fan level, but close.

  10. Hahahaha the stupid Jets and their fans are a dumpster fire. This seems to be a great plan let the egomaniac coach hire the GM. Keep failing JETS.

  11. BuckyBadger says:
    May 30, 2019 at 11:38 am
    Fine! I’ll do it.

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    I could walk in there tomorrow for free, demand no interference from the Johnson Bros, and fix that crap overnight.

    They just refuse to follow the best model out there, and that’s up the highway in NE.

    They’re so jealous of it, they run in the opposite direction of even ATTEMPTING to copy it.

  12. cheeseisfattening says:
    May 30, 2019 at 1:13 pm

    Patton likes being on a team where everyone is happy to be there and nobody is asking to be traded


    After 12 years and a 2-5 playoff history, he also likes the fact the current Coach will place him no higher than 3rd on the scapegoat list.

  13. TyLawPick6, you are the PFT King of BS….Whatever is going on with Johnson and Johnson has nothing to do with Woody (or Christopher). Woody has no involvement in that end of the business, he is strictly the Owner of the Jets. There are several valid criticisms about how well he has done as the team’s Owner, but suggesting he has something to do with any opiod lawsuit is ridiculous. If my Father owned a Restaurant that I had nothing to do with and he was serving dishes that caused food poisoning would I be liable as well?1

  14. There’s no media scrutiny in Minny compared to NY.

    So no one covers how atrocious the Vikings are (and have always been).

    So I guess it’s a win by staying in the shadows where the sun will never shine on your glaring weaknesses.

  15. The jets are the ugly dude that keeps getting turned by….I was going to say pretty girl…but I would say any girl at this point. Give it to Gase so he can fire himself in 3 years.

  16. Good for him for not allowing the NFL to use him as a prop. The Rooney Rule is a mouth with no teeth. Good intentions, but as usual, there is a work-around, just like the company down the street.

  17. tylawspick6 says:
    May 30, 2019 at 1:15 pm
    “Not a good time to be a Jet fan right now.”


    When has it ever? LOL!

  18. He wants to be considered for himself, not just a rooney rule placater. I don’t blame him.

  19. Its not like green bay where the coaches will take whatever job comes up just to get out of that sorry excuse for a town.

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