Could Josh Norman be a post-June 1 cap casualty?

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Prior to 2006, June 1 had significant meaning on the NFL calendar. Now, it’s mostly an afterthought.

This year, there’s a real question as to whether June 1 could become a thing again.

The folks at have raised the question of whether Washington cornerback Josh Norman could become a post-June 1 cap casualty. The move would spread the cap consequences over two years, with $3 million counting against the salary cap this year and $3 million counting against the cap in 2020. Cutting Norman also would dump $11.5 million in salary and per-game roster bonuses, creating a net cap gain of $8.5 million this year.

But here’s why it would be a surprise if it happens on June 2 or shortly thereafter: Washington could have cut Norman with a post-June 1 designation before the offseason program, avoiding the risk that he’d suffer an injury during pre-preseason workouts that would put the team on the hook for the full amount of his 2019 salary of $11 million.

That said, Washington may have wanted to observe Norman during the offseason program before making a decision regarding his future with the team.

It’s also possible that Washington will eventually squeeze Norman to take less money, knowing that if/when they try to drop his pay to, for example, $7 million, Norman likely won’t be able to get as much or more from another team. Plenty of teams have made this move plenty of times, and it could be what Washington plans to do with Norman.

More than three years after signing a contract worth $15 million per year from inception, Norman continues to have the best contract among all cornerbacks. The fact that no one has caught Norman arguably makes him more vulnerable to getting squeezed.

Earlier this month, former Washington cornerback Fred Smoot argued that the team should cut Norman now. After June 1, there’s no longer any reason to wait, if that’s what Washington plans to do.

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  1. Terrible signing by Washington. Admit the mistake and cut him. They will soon find out they overpaid for Collins as well. Good player but not $84 million player.

  2. They shouldn’t cut him to save money. They should cut him cause he’s trash

  3. Jay said himself he needs to make the playoffs. I think any other year this would be an option but with it being make or break it’ll be all hands on deck.

  4. HurtsToReadComments says:
    May 31, 2019 at 8:02 pm
    Cut Norman now so Dallas can sign him and Jerry Jones will make him Co-Captain with Greg Hardy


    Not enough domestics on Norman’s record to propel him to leader status in Dallas. His arrogance, however, makes him a strong case for sub leader. Fits the culture in that regard at least.

  5. He will end up another crap team with “tons of cap space”.


    good things these crap teams learn so much avoiding overpaying primadonnas

  6. A lot of jealous people writing in. He is the best corner we got and hasn’t played as bad as you Bozo’s like to think. We need him for our Superbowl run. HTTR!

  7. I understand why the question gets raised, because he’s the top paid corner and underperforms his contract, but he’s an experienced corner solidly in the starting range of talent, and Wshington doesn’t have any more of those. The CB situation would be very, very murky without him and so Washington essentially has to keep him, overpaid and all.

    That, and what would freeing up the cap space accomplish right now? There’s hardly anyone left to get. At this point you probably couldn’t use the savings to get anyone better than Norman anyway.

    And, finally, like the post states, if they were going to do it they probably would have done it by now.

    He underperforms his contract but there’s no real logic for cutting him, either.

  8. Panther fans knew he had played on a team that made him look better than he was. He was playing for a team with a strong D-line and the number one offense. So many desperate passes gave him more oppurtunties. He’s good just not elite and that is why we let Snyder again try to buy a championship which never works except when the Eagles did it that one time and got lucky.

  9. And replace him with? He is overpaid no doubt, but who do the ‘Skins have who is as good? Unless another Quinton Dunbar shows up, the best the ‘Skins can do is offer him a new deal at less money. That might be the best possible outcome Gruden the Younger.

  10. I just don’t expect him to be cut. He can be quality trade material later this season or next off season. To cut him now is saying you’re looking to regroup when the front office knows that is not an option that keeps them employed. Unless someone gives them a trade that “improves “ the team, expect him to remain on the roster.

  11. As a Skins Fan AND when Norman was a Panther I Wished He Was A Ours. Now, I HATE He Was Ever Signed. He’s become what other non-1st/2nd Rnd Picks become when signing Lrg Contracts,SATISFIED. Release or reduce salary bc 1)Skins need Cap Space 2)3 Ints in 3yrs isn’t worth the $60M he’s already been paid

  12. Josh norman has everything to be a dominant CB. Sometimes big contracts can be a players worst enemy. The guy is big, fast, aggressive. Just hasnt been pushed to be better in a while. As a raiders fan, and a typical one at that, I’ll take him for a reasonable price 😉

  13. The Panthers were so smart to cut him in 2016 and then their defense fell apart. If DC thinks they have 4 really good corners then go ahead and cut him. If the backups are as pathetic as the 2016 Panthers, then you keep him.

    By the way, a good example of an awful corner signing is the Vikings picking up Fred Smoot in 2005.

  14. Salary cap space cannot catch or throw passes, block, tackle or cover wide receivers. Salary cap space is a means to an end, but some teams think it is an end in and of itself.

  15. If they wanted the cap space they could have cut him before free agency started with post June 1st designation. There is absolutely no need to wait for June 1st anymore. Plus, he is overpaid, but he is still a solid starter. You would have to find a solid starter to replace him and 1) there aren’t any left on the open market and 2) if there was they would probably cost at least as much as the cap saving cutting Norman would bring.

    The fans want Tre Boston, but the team already has enough cap space to make that signing. It’s not happening because the team doesn’t want him, or doesn’t want him until he lowers his price. Again, they have sufficient space and a good cap specialist. They’ve got enough cap room to make Boston a good deal, if they wanted to.

    It makes far more sense now to get another year out of Norman, then cut him next year and have the cap saving in place for the start of the next free agency period. That might change if another veteran gets cut and spices up the available free agent pool, but otherwise Norman isn’t getting cut until 2020.

  16. some one ask what would Gettlemen so lol I’ll bet there is a ZERO chance Josh goes there but he loves & has lots of friends in Carolina BUT his favor Coaches are Steve Wilks & Sean McDermott I’m not saying he would go the Bills or Browns BUT

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