Davante Adams finds new offense “electrifying”

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Running back Aaron Jones isn’t the only player excited about what he’s seen of head coach Matt LaFleur’s offense.

Wide receiver Davante Adams said it has been “real fun” getting to know LaFleur and learn the offense that Aaron Rodgers will be piloting come the fall. While that learning process isn’t over, Adams said he’s gotten enough under his belt to see some grand possibilities for the Packers.

“It’s an electrifying offense,” Adams said on The Jim Rome Show. “A lot of big-play potential. Just based off the offenses that [LaFleur] has been a part of before, whether they had top-tier talent or otherwise, you’ve seen them be able to make plays all over the field. Obviously, with the guys that we have, the quarterback that we have, the running backs we have, tight ends, we’ve got some special players. … We’re exposed to a lot of different things where we can get the ball in space. It’s nothing we haven’t done before, but I see a lot of potential in the coming years.”

Jones focused on the possibilities in the run game when he discussed his excitement about LaFleur’s installations. If he and Adams see their early impressions come to fruition, the Packers should be tough to stop come the regular season.

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  1. Sure hope we get back to form this year. Last two seasons have been rough but things are looking up on both sides of the ball!

  2. OLB coach Mike Smith got “goose bumps” the other day talking about the defense and now Davante telling Jim Rome that the offense is “electrifying”

    You see why the national media is feeling and talking about the positive energy and vibes of the LaFleur era in TitleTown.

    Present and future is bright.




  3. More excited to see how the Defense improves. The offense will still struggle at times. Not sure they have a true bruner to stretch the field yet or a RB that can be the feature guy. A healthy Rodgers can carry the offense if the D can make a stop or two.

  4. Double Adams, anyone can cover the rest of their garbage receivers, load the box to stop the run…Erin will be throwing the ball away even more than his record breaking last season. Fourth in the North!

  5. Oh boy, more predictions of greatness based off of coach/player speak from OTAa and media opinions in May. After doing the same thing last year only to lead to another garbage season you would think Packer fans would be cautious about going overboard with this fluff as eagerly as they are doing again this year.

  6. We will have to see. We have every reason to be optimistic.

    The only truly elite defense in the North is the Bears, so they’ll obviously be tough to contend with.

    When playing the Vikings, either throw it to whoever Barr is covering for a super easy completion, or just toss it in the direction of whoever Rhodes is covering for a quick defensive holding or PI call.

  7. You have to love all the national media respect showered upon the Packers every year. We are definitely one of the elite franchises, with perennial expectations above and beyond the peasant franchises. I guess that comes with the territory when you’ve won a NFL record 13 World Championships.

  8. Seriously Viking fanboys? Adam Thielen was an undrafted FA who the Vikings cut his first season, spent his first year on the PS and Diggs was a 5th round pick.

    I guess you would have said those guys were garbage too after their first year.

  9. It’s hilarious viewing all these dimwitted comments from the Barneys critiquing the Packers’ offense.

    The Packers, despite having to rush a handful of rookie wideouts into their lineup, while running Mike McCarthy’s tired and worn out offense, ranked 12th overall in the NFL last season.
    The Vikings? 20th.

    Going into the 2019 season, Green Bay has a revamped O-Line, a year of experience for those rookie Wide Receivers and a brand new offensive philosophy.

    Adding some free agent and draft talent to ease the burden as Mike Pettine settles into season 2 of his defensive install.

    The Packers are still almost 10 million under this year’s cap to ease the pain of mid-season injuries or unexpected issues that usually occur during a long season.

    We all fully expect some bumps and bruises along the way, but the future looks extremely bright.
    And there’s a lot to be excited about at 1265.

    The Vikings, well, they are still peddling the same old, same old.
    The same old tired and regrettable coaching staff, though there may be a bit of a schism along the way, as the Kubiak regime settles in. Stay tuned.

    They’ve at least resigned almost all of their 8-7-1 “talent” (1-6 against .500 or better teams.)
    Wedged up tight against their salary cap, for the next three seasons, mind you, no relief in sight.
    This is indeed, going to be a long and painful season for someone.

  10. minneanderthals says:
    May 31, 2019 at 1:14 pm

    When playing the Vikings, either throw it to whoever Barr is covering for a super easy completion, or just toss it in the direction of whoever Rhodes is covering for a quick defensive holding or PI call.


    If its that easy why has your team and qb struggled against the VIkings D for the better part of 4 years? You should share your notes with the coaches.

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