Odell Beckham says he’ll be at mandatory minicamp


New Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has stayed away from most of the voluntary portion of the team’s offseason program. He’ll be there for the mandatory minicamp that begins on Monday.

Via Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com, Beckham made his intention clear in a social-media post that responded to a fan who told Beckham to “cut out the crap and get to camp.’’

I’ll be there on the 3rd, u coming?” Beckham replied.

Beckham has attended only two days of his new team’s offseason program. He was there on the first day of Phase One, and also on the first day of Phase Three — Organized Team Activities. He chose not to show up for the extra voluntary minicamp afforded to each team with a new head coach.

It’s unclear why Beckham has been so scarce. After he was abruptly traded to the Browns, reports emerged suggesting that he wants an adjustment to his contract. It’s possible that he stayed away to send a message that he indeed would like the Browns to sweeten the deal that he signed with the Giants last August.

He’s got every right to do that; it’s what he did two years ago, once Beckham became eligible for a new contract with the Giants and the Giants dragged their feet.

Still, there’s no reason to believe Beckham will refrain from showing up for the mandatory minicamp or training camp, regardless of his reason for skipping most of the voluntary workouts.

41 responses to “Odell Beckham says he’ll be at mandatory minicamp

  1. This dude just keeps getting in his own way. Put your head down go to work. He as all the talent to be one of the greats but he needs to learn how to be a pro. Be the hardest worker in the room and leave your feelings at home. That’s how you will be great

  2. Hold on let me get this straight ,the New York Football Giants made him rich beyond belief before last season ,hasn’t played a down for the Browns ,and the Browns are gonna give him more money ??????

  3. Not exactly endearing himself to his new teammates and their fans. I’m sure he plans to do that during the season and knows what he does now will be overcome by his normal level of play, then.

  4. Twitter contributes to this crap both ways. Beckham just has to deliver and we never talk about this junk again.

    The offseason is brutal.

  5. This guy is such a talented dumb A. He does whatever he wants and whatever is best for OBJ. Browns you can have him, I would rather have players with less talent but great attitudes and sense of team. Kitchens will find out real soon just what he has in this Diva of a man!

  6. A guy getting paid $15 million+ per year to work 6-8 months announcing that he will show up for a few days of work.

    What a sacrifice. What a guy!

  7. Watch, if this team loses a few games early, they’ll turn on each other like a bunch of pit bulls…lol.

  8. He just signed a 6 year deal last summer, if he really he wants more $$ already this is going to get good.

  9. Acting up for a new contract seems to be the new norm. Perhaps the league should only hand out 2 or 3 year contracts. Players do well next contract bigger, players do bad next contract smaller. And since contracts were short, players would have to treat every year as a contract year and not mail it in.

  10. As we know from OBJ’s record in NY..he can be a complete jerk, if he wants to be. It’s a choice OBJ makes.
    IMO, the Browns’ management will not put up with OBJ’s diva stunts and the disruptive behavior he exhibited in NY.
    Odell needs to understand that the Browns are focused on winning and to do that we need “a team” of players, coaches, management and ownership, all dedicated to the “hard work and effort” it takes to achieve the goal.
    Everyone knows what the “ultimate goal” is for the Browns franchise and the Browns fan base…we want a “Lombardi Trophy” in Cleveland. It takes a team to achieve that goal and Odell can choose to be part of that team or not.

  11. I have no reason to like this guy as I am not a Browns or Giants fan so my point is this- everything the guy says and does bothers me. I don’t care if he doesn’t show up or if he has a contract issue or a problem with his hair, yada, yada…overall he is a net negative to me. Just shut up and play.

    Jalen Ramsey of the Jags is somewhat similar but I am a Jags ST holder so I have something invested in him and tend to support/ignore his antics (for now) but OBJ just bothers me.

  12. You sure you might not need a little more time off there? I mean, having only five straight months of vacation is enough to cramp anyone’s style. After all, you’ve only missed the entire installation of the offense with guys you’ve never played with before. So what if your teammates have to keep the training wheels on for your benefit while you’re trying to catch up with them? They’re only ten days ahead of you, and if they have to wait on you they need to realize that you’re just that important, that you need to be treated special and it’s an honor for them to have you there at all.

    In fact, Florio’s right. That new contract you signed last August is already nine months old. So it’s definitely time for you to get paid again. You need to tell the Browns that if they want you to be bringing your talents to the Cuyahoga and Lake Erie shores, then they’re just going to have to pony up a new contract with a brand new bonus. You deserve it and it’s as good a time as any to let them know that this is just how you roll. They’ve already made a huge investment when they traded for you, so what are they gonna do? Not pay you? As if.

  13. Dude cars more about his hair and being the center of attention than he does about Browns. Better to be a circus than a factory of sadness, I guess, but being both would be uber painful.

  14. As a giants fan I saw him as someone who could have been one of the best ever
    He matured as a player but not as a man

    He got traded for only one reason team is not spelled with an I

  15. Browns should have kept Breshad Perriman over the “celebrity darling” Odell Beckham Jr…this is only the start of trouble for the Cleveland Browns that the ‘HeadCase’ brings not showing up for Voluntary Camps. Its only a matter of time!!!

  16. I picture him being chauffeured to the stadium in his new brown Rolls Royce. The back door opens and long red carpet rolls out with flower girls tossing pedals on it while he dances his way along it to the field. The paparazzi is snapping pictures and he poses for every one of them. I am a NY Giants supporter and know for a fact that Odell’s biggest fan is himself.

  17. Life long suffering browns fan here. This was the 1 cancer I didnt want my team to get. Dorsey admits he ” took a chance”. Im sure poor rookie HC kitchens is already wanting to get rid of this Piece of work in return for a real pro. I believe this guy will wreck the building process Dorsey had been piecing together and kill an opportunity for this long suffering fan base to finally reap some reward for their very long overdue patience. I hope I am wrong, but I would bet money that I wont be. This guy will ruin a team locker room

  18. The Browns are installing a new offense, so they need to be able to utilize their full bag of tools at practice – in other words, they need this toolbag to show up.

  19. So the guy makes an announcement that he’ll be attending required workouts? That’s pathetic.

  20. All of this “drama”is manufactured. He’s not missing anything important. There are a dozen receivers taking turns catching passes during drills. Is he supposed to be here to catch every 13th pass? A post pattern is a post pattern! Dude has been out of the country for most of the different OTAs. He probably had all this planned before he got traded to a team with a different schedule of OTAs. I love all the tools commenting from their mom’s basement telling the multi-millionaire best receiver in the game how to be a “pro”. LOL Go Browns!

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