Glazer: Todd Gurley’s knee is a “concern”

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The offseason is the time for the kind of unbridled enthusiasm that would make even Billy Mumphrey blush, but that’s how it goes when a league (and the media outlets owned by the league) need to keep 32 fan bases as engaged as possible from January until September. For the Rams, a predictable “Hey maybe we can get back to the Super Bowl and win it this time!” vibe has been undermined by persistent chatter regarding star running back Todd Gurley‘s knee.

Of course, the Mumphrey Doctrine mandates that Rams fans plug their ears and shout “FAKE NEWS!” whenever a story emerges that suggests Gurley’s best days are behind him. Well, Rams fans, it’s time to put those index fingers into the two holes in the sides of your head.

It is a concern,” Jay Glazer writes in his latest Q&A for, regarding Gurley’s knee. “The sky isn’t falling but even now, they’re being smart about it. It did swell up on him last year, this is a knee that has had wear and tear. Eventually, you’re going to factor this in especially with them having to sit him down the stretch last year. It’s not all doom and gloom, but it is definitely something you have to monitor and be prepared for in case that thing blows up on him again. We already learned that lesson last year. That’s why he isn’t doing any on-field work yet.”

Gurley suffered an ACL tear in 2014, his last year at Georgia. He showed no ill effects through three NFL seasons, but the knee swelled without specific injury after a Week One win in Oakland, and then it spontaneously swelled again in December, knocking him out of the final two regular-season games. In the postseason, Gurley had some moments but he was never the player he was in 2017, when he became the NFL’s offensive player of the year.

Fortunately for Gurley (and unfortunately for the Rams), he has his second contract. Unfortunately for Gurley, there’s definitely an issue. At least one report has indicated that the knee has become arthritic. It’s also possible that cartilage loss has created a bone-on-bone condition in one or more portions of the knee.

Regardless, Gurley is entering a troubling phase of his career. Any time a team must be careful about how much work a workhorse running back gets, the running back is basically no longer a workhorse.

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  1. Wish him well, but reinforces that you don’t give huge money to RB’s.

  2. I doubt if he’s ever the same again. It was a briliant move to give a ton of money to a guy with a history of knee problems–not.

  3. Right here is why former Giants RB George Adams was nothing short of brilliant when he made his son Jamal stop playing RB in high school and switched him to safety.

    Jamal became a top 10 pick in 2017 and will probably have a nice career long career.

    The lesson here for kids playing football with NFL aspirations:

    DONT play RB.

    You’re underpaid and tossed aside like garbage when your knees poop out.

  4. “DONT play RB.
    You’re underpaid and tossed aside like garbage when your knees poop out.”

    Gurley’s not underpaid. In fact he’s done pretty well for himself. Hasn’t been tossed aside either.

  5. I remember this happening almost verbatim to Terrell Davis. He lasted about a season and a half after that. The swelling thing cannot be predicted. Wishing the best for Mr. Gurley

  6. His 2019 and 2020 money are already 100% guaranteed. His only reason to give any kind of effort or risk any kind of injury or wear on his body is that he hopes they don’t cut him before owing him just under 10 million in 2021.

    How do you think this plays out?

  7. Another thing Rams fans (and Fraudger) keep trying to ignore is that Rams lied repeatedly on injury reports. They claim arthritis is not an injury but (apart from the fact his problem is at least exacerbated by excessive repeated damage to his knee) the rules require reporting of any medical or other condition or personal situation that limits a player’s practicing or playing.

  8. Gurley was very fortunate with the timing of getting his deal, if he didn’t get it when he did he would never see it.

    Under the preposterous CBA that stooge De Smith did for the owners there is no reason for anyone to play RB. If you’re any good you’ll have to endure 6-7 seasons of 300+ touches before you get a chance to see free agency, where teams choose between you or a 20 year old available dirt cheap without the wear and tear

  9. Super Bowl winners with a feature workhorse back are pretty rare lately.
    – Beast Mode in 2013 (just topped 300 carries)
    – Willie Parker in 2008 (missed games but got his 20+ per game)
    – Before that you have to go back to Jamal Lewis in 2000

    Indy won in 2006 the year they got rid of their workhorse back and went to a committee.
    The closest the Patriots got was Blount in 2016 but he had 20+ carries only 6 times in 19 games including none in the playoffs.
    They fed him based on matchups (like the two Indy playoff games)

  10. Definitely concerning but anyone counting out Todd Gurley is foolish. This man has proven time and time again what he can do when healthy. Lets not put a fork in him just yet.

  11. Done over finished.

    It is a shame I did like his game.

    Dumb front office and stupidly used up by a young coach.

    The number of touches is real. when you have a great one don’t use them up

  12. if in fact he has a bone-on-bone condition in his knee, and now it’s beginning to manifest, he’s never going to be what he was. It’s starting to swell up and he’s going to get arthritis in that knee. He’s going have to take a lot of painkillers.

  13. Saw Larry Csonka say when he went back to Miami years ago, becoming the featured back getting 25-30 touches a game without Jim Kiick and Mercury Morris to share the load put a lot of wear and tear on his body at his age. He led the league in rushing that year and retired. Teams need to feature more than one running back.

  14. He has an arthritic knee and is dealing with damage/loss of his cartilage in his knee, doesn’t mean his career is over yet but it is definitely limited in how much longer he can play. There is nothing they can do for that injury other than try there best to manage it. From here on out you will see Gurley practice less and less and have many more “veteran rest days” in his future. The deeper he gets into the season the more and more likely he will be to miss time as he has more and more issues with that knee. The Rams didn’t draft another RB in the 3rd round for no reason, the issues with Gurley’s knee are real and very problematic for his future. Lucky for Gurley he signed a 2nd deal literally months before his knee became a big issue. All the wear and tear, his surgery and loss of cartilage in that knee is starting to catch up with him.

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