Bruce Arians: Gerald McCoy “just didn’t fit”

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The Buccaneers swapped defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and his $13 million salary for defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and his $9.25 million salary. So why did they essentially trade the third pick in the 2010 draft for the second pick in the 2010 draft.

It just wasn’t a fit,” coach Bruce Arians said Friday in an appearance on ESPN, via “Whether it was financial, whatever, on the field, you know, it just didn’t fit. I’ve been through this a number of times with guys and great players and it just comes a time when they have to separate the organization. You go back to Franco Harris not being a Steeler. This has happened for a long, long time.”

Arians is right, but in the case of McCoy versus Suh, the Bucs actually replaced an older player with someone who is more than a year older. Arians attributed the desire to embrace Suh over McCoy to “consistency.”

“He never misses a game, very seldom ever misses a practice,” Arians said of Suh. “Plays extremely hard the way I like to play. He fits our three-man scheme a lot better in terms of his versatility up and down the front.”

Since missing 10 games due to injury in his second season, McCoy has missed only eight games in seven season. But Suh has missed only two during his entire career — and that was due to suspension not injury.

The scheme-fit issue makes sense. If the Bucs’ coaching staff believes Suh will perform better in Todd Bowles’ defense, so be it. Regardless, people will be closely comparing the respective performances in 2019 of Suh and McCoy, who will choose next week from among the Browns, Ravens, and Panthers.

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  1. Time will tell which moves were better, regarding all off season attempts to improve their respective team rosters. Not sure this is much more than a lateral move.

  2. Agree with ytownie…arians is p.o.’d about not getting browns job so he pushes mccoy to panthers even tho he has 2 face him 2x year for next 2 years

  3. Same coach that thinks the dbs are fixed (same ones from last year); the rbs are impressive (same ones from last year); the lines are good enough (same from last year); and that Winston is good enough… ROFL – SO RIDICULOUS!

    Bucs fans in for a crash course with reality a utter heartbreak!

  4. this response wont work for a player of McCoy’s caliber. He has been one of the only rays of light in a dark black hole. Pay the man and keep your guy around.

  5. This is easy to grasp for anyone who watches football. Suh can play that Darnell Dockett/Leonard Williams/Calais Campbell role in the Bowles defense. McCoy just isn’t that type of player. Tampa has not done right by him his whole career because he was the classic three technique under tackle in the mold of a Sapp, and their defenses have been all over the place during his career. At least Rians acknowledged as much and let the guy go to another place to be productive instead of hammering a square peg into a round hole.

  6. So McCoy has had “multiple offers of $11 million” yet the Ravens have $13 mil., Panthers $16mil., And browns $32 mil. In effective cap space; the Ravens and Panthers are definitely not going into the season with less than 2 million in space to sign someone if an injury happens, and the browns won’t over pay. He gets 2 years 8 million with incentives to 10, maybe $12 million at best

  7. From what I heard, he had 3 very good visits… Browns, Ravens, and Panthers.. I’m interested in seeing which one he chooses..

  8. No way this guy is worth 11 million.

    Neither is Suh for that matter.

  9. people will be closely comparing the respective performances in 2019 of Suh and McCoy
    Not really. Yes both of them are players, but both will be overpaid and not on a playoff team.

  10. So a Guy who played in a 4-3 in McCoy is no longer a fit. But Suh who until last year played in a 4-3 His whole career is a better scheme fit. Kind of think Suh fits in a 3-4 really good when He is lined up next to Aaron Donald.

  11. “He never misses a game, very seldom ever misses a practice,”

    That may be but he sure disappears in big games.

  12. I hate it when coaches can’t use talent. Singing Suh for one year fixes nothing.

  13. Suh is better suited to a 1 tech/NT role with his size and power. McCoy is a classic 3 technique DT. Both are still productive although neither is at their peak anymore. Point is it’s not a 1 for 1 swap like some people suggest, they have different roles even though both are defensive tackles.

  14. whysosenestive445 says:

    We get it. No need to bash the guy on the way out

    Yet the media will continue to pry that out of him so they can write drama articles.

  15. patswinyoucry says:
    June 2, 2019 at 4:27 pm

    Like winning didn’t fit in Arizona?


    Had 1 losing season in 5 at Arizona, and finished with a .614 record. You look like nothing more than a sniping idiot.

    Not everyone can be Belichick, but he’s been damn good.

  16. 6× Pro Bowl (2012–2017)
    3× First-team All-Pro (2012–2014)
    Second-team All-Pro (2016)

    He sucks..

  17. ytownie says:
    June 2, 2019 at 4:33 pm
    This may be just the thing to push McCoy to the Panthers
    Nah McCoy wants to play for a winning team

  18. Everyone keeps mentioning the Panthers like Karnak but there are three teams looking strong at him. One is a likely playoff team (Browns, because even if you don’t believe it is not hard to see the rest of the division is not that good), and the other two can’t be counted out. None are perennial losers.

  19. There is an old adage in pro football, its better to get rid of a player one year too early than one year too late. In the Buc’s case, they missed it on both ends, McCoy has (at least) another year left while Suh is past his expiration date.

  20. Where’s the insult? Suh has played in 3-4 before . McCoy has not. Suh will cost less.

    “Just wasn’t a fit” financially or scheme wise.

  21. For those who want to take shots at Suh… What were Donald’s sack numbers prior to Suh and with Suh? Look that up.

  22. As a Bucs fan, I hope and pray Carolina signs McCoy. That defense needs some softening up. Captain Ice Cream is just the man to do that.

  23. patswinyoucry says:
    June 2, 2019 at 4:27 pm
    Like winning didn’t fit in Arizona?

    WOW my thoughts exactly!!!

  24. Bruce Arian’s the self proclaimed maven of football really doesn’t fit in anywhere either.

  25. Why didn’t the Rams resign Suh? Simple answer! The coaches study film during the off-season and the film doesn’t lie. Suh takes plays off. Tampa didn’t upgrade the interior D-line.

  26. For whatever reasons, Arians has done his best to bash McCoy for the day he was named head coach of the Bucs. McCoy is a very prideful man, a team player, and a leader. He’s has carried the Bucs defense for many years. The first thing out of Arians mouth about McCoy was that McCoy looked ‘fat, lazy, and out of shape’ last year. This was not a great way to start a relationship. Many Bucs watchers knew this relationship would not end well.

    It’s was Arians ultimately decision to make about what he wanted in every player. Who was in and who was out. Clearly he didn’t want McCoy on the team. Obviously Arians prefers Suh over McCoy. Is Suh a better player and an upgrade to the DL? Highly doubtful. But Suh plays with a different style than McCoy did. My biggest fear is the stupid penalties Suh always get, especially at critical times.

    Do I think the Bucs defense will be better, yes. Not because of Suh, but because of the secondary is faster and better. Losing our MLB was a blow, but White was a great choice for the Bucs. It doesn’t look like Arians is counting on JPP this year, and I expect JPP will be joining McCoy next year as ‘out the door’.

    I think most Bucs fans just want this team to be better than in years past and be competitive for a change.

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