Bruce Arians suggests JPP may miss up to six more months

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Buccaneers defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul sustained a neck injury in an early-May auto accident. At the time, his timetable for a return was set at five-to-six months. Nearly a month later, that timetable remains at five-to-six months.

“He’s doing good. His spirits are good,” Arians said regarding Pierre-Paul in a Friday appearance on ESPN, via “You know, it’s just one of those things, you just wait and wait and wait, and make sure the thing doesn’t displace and not have to have an operation. We got our fingers crossed and are praying for him all the time.”

So when will he be back, if he recovers without surgery?

“I would think it’s at least five months, maybe six,” Arians said.

At this point, six months would knock Pierre-Paul out until December 1. Which means that, at best, he’d open the season on the non-football injury list, return to practice at some point after Week Six, and return to the active roster within three weeks after returning to practice.

Based on how well, or otherwise, the Bucs do in the first three months of the season, the team eventually may decide to just shut him down for the full season.

If that happens, an issue could arise regarding Pierre-Paul’s $13.65 million salary. The Buccaneers won’t be required to pay him while on the NFI list. If he believes he’s ready to return and the team chooses not to bring him back, things could ugly between team and player, with lawyers and doctors fighting it all out in an arbitration.

4 responses to “Bruce Arians suggests JPP may miss up to six more months

  1. He has no more guaranteed money after the season, so I’d certainly cut him after 2019.

    If he’s borderline and is available the last game or two I’d not play him.
    Even if you lose arbitration and have to pay for 2 games, you weren’t going to get much out of him those last 2 games.
    And that may also scare away other teams.
    If JPP plans on playing in the NFL he may be better off sitting out 2019 rather than trying to play the last couple of games,

  2. bspurloc says:
    June 2, 2019 at 10:01 pm
    giants dumped him just in time…

    … just in time to watch him rack up 12.5 sacks the following year (almost half the giants total of 30) for another team. Now they’ve lost their best remaining sacker (Vernon with 7) again for the second year in a row. A team losing their two best QB rushers in consecutive years sounds like the wrong way to be going.

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