Bud Dupree: The plays are there, I have to finish

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The Steelers made the decision to exercise their option on linebacker Bud Dupree‘s contract for the 2019 season and they didn’t back out of it this offseason despite production that some might find short of being worth a $9.2 million salary.

Dupree had 5.5 sacks last season and has 20 sacks over his first four NFL campaigns. He said last week that he believes those numbers can go up if he can just do a better job of finishing when chances come his way.

“I had a big opportunity last year to be in the conversation and I didn’t close the plays,” Dupree said, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I’m always in position. The plays are always there; it’s on me to finish those plays and easily have double-digit sacks. I’m trying to go out and reboot and finish those plays this season.”

Dupree’s comments mesh with what General Manager Kevin Colbert said in February about the team wanting to see the linebacker’s effort result in production. Should that happen, Dupree’s chances of staying in Pittsburgh beyond this season should improve.

14 responses to “Bud Dupree: The plays are there, I have to finish

  1. Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve..meanwhile his old teammate and 4th rd pick Z Smith broke out and cashed in. Shows how bad Steelers are at drafting.

  2. Dupree is working out with Vic Beasley, another first round disappointment. Neither of them can tackle and VB only has one move so its not clear what they are learning from each other.

  3. What Dupree lacked in raw skill last year was made up for with effort. The dude doesn’t know the word “quit,” and I think the team recognizes that. It is a gamble, but an educated one.

  4. Bud Dupree has been a decent player, no more, no less. He also likes to talk about what he wants to do and needs to do. Don’t talk, just do it. It remains to be seen if he can take his game up a notch, especially with someone other than Joey Porter coaching him, but I guess we’ll see?

  5. Both DuPree and Beasley are SEC busts. Same for another Stelers 1st rd LB, Jarvis Jones…yet another bust from the overrated SEC.

  6. The Steelers are really bad at draft linebackers. Lawrence Timmins, Jarvis Jones. Chose Shazier over Mosley which even before Shazier’s injury was a bad choice, Dupree, Watt is ok but gets more credit because of his last name.

  7. @dryzzt23

    Beasley played at Clemson, an ACC school. Even worse though because just look at the track record of Clemson defensive lineman. Yikes!

  8. You have to look at the whole picture. It’s tough for a lot of reasons to admit a high draft pick is a bust. They held onto Jarvis Jones, even moving him around in the defense, before admitting he was a bust. To follow that up with DuPree would get a lot of people asking some questions. Fans wonder why new GM’s clean house when they arrive to a new team. Well, this is why. The GM’s that draft busts are the last people to admit it. The Steelers are one of the top 2 or 3 organizations in football. Their GM is really good. Sometimes decisions like these involve ownership. Shazier was an excellent pick. Watt, Hargrave, and others were great picks. Bush, Snell, and Layne this year were all excellent picks. The Steelers will stay on top, but DuPree won’t get any better. It’s just a hard thing to admit. Now, if they win the super bowl this year, you get a little cover to make necessary moves. Nobody asks questions.

  9. Listen, this team lost to Tim Tebow and Blake Bortles in the playoffs and choked away the division title last test year. To quote Tom Petty song they are “Free Falling” to the bottom of the division for a long time

  10. Whatever happened to Mosley. Kinda disappeared. Injured and out to? Is he still a Raven? Journeyman?

    I have a Timmons jersey. Loved him. Game in game out. Lead the team in tackles. Like my other jersey favourite … Farrior. Not a lot of media glitz, but anchors of their team defence.

    Shazier was like a Polamalu. A uniquely gifted player who changes the position he plays. One will argue between Polamalu and Ed Reed. Neither team suffered by having those guys.

    I cannot agree more that the quest for the right OLB in their system has become a hardship. Not many live up to the legacy of Harrison, Porter, Greene, Lloyd. Maybe Watt. Looks like it.

  11. “Both DuPree and Beasley are SEC busts. Same for another Stelers 1st rd LB, Jarvis Jones…yet another bust from the overrated SEC.”


    2/3 for your comment is better than nothing, I guess. It still doesn’t make much sense, but you almost got your conferences right.

  12. Dud Dupree is just one of many signs that the Pittsburgh defense is gone for good. Sure, a few mistakes like Jarvis Jones are expected, but this team strikes out year after year when drafting linebacker, safeties, and cornerbacks. Jump ball Ben won’t be able to keep up anymore. Steelers are going to get buried this year.

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