Report: Dolphins prefer to trade Reshad Jones

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Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier promised in April that safety Reshad Jonesis going to be here.” But now comes word from Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald that the team prefers to trade Jones, if they get a deal to their liking.

Jones has skipped the team’s voluntary offseason program but is expected to attend this week’s mandatory minicamp. The Dolphins have had cornerback Bobby McCain practicing at safety in Jones’ absence, with McCain joining T.J. McDonald and Minkah Fitzpatrick in giving Miami plenty of depth at the position.

Jones, 31, is rehabbing from offseason shoulder surgery and not expected to be in the Dolphins’ long-term rebuilding plans. He has a $17.2 million salary cap charge, but if the Dolphins can trade him, they will have only $4 million in dead money and $13 million in cap savings.

As Jackson points out, it would not benefit the Dolphins to cut Jones since they would have a $17.1 million dead money hit, and $11 million of his $13 million base salary this season in guaranteed.

But who is going trade for Jones and pay him that salary? The Dolphins likely are going to have the two-time Pro Bowler on their roster this season, making Grier’s April assurance true.

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  1. Unless a team can offer a player with a similar cap number that the Fins like I don’t see anyone paying Jones what he wants and offering much in return. He’s had some tremendous seasons but the salary and questions rehabbing cause don’t make him an attractive trade target.

  2. Dolphins could entice a team into a trade by paying some of that salary. But they would need a decent draft pick in exchange. Was always a fan of Jones. But his quitting on the team during a game tells me he needs to go. ASAP.

  3. They could do the same thing they did with Tannehill and Quinn.

    Find a team Rashad is willing to go to, have the new team re-negotiate the contract, Miami trades him for a future draft pick.

  4. Yes, he has a cap charge this year of $17.16M but that doesn’t take into account the remaining years for the signing bonus at ~$4M per. That means if they were to cut him they would have a cap charge this year of over $25M. No way they cut him.

    They might be able to pull off a trade similar to the Brock Osweiler trade but that would still leave them with a ~$12M cap charge. The Dolphins painted themselves into the corner with that contract.

    By the way, he has the highest cap number on the Dolphins’ roster. Since they only have ~$26M in cap space I don’t think he’s going anywhere unless he pulls an AB and forces them to do something. Don’t be surprised if that happens.

  5. Funny how things have changed with Rashad. Always held in high regard. His play was that of a gambler chance taker… but good at it. It seemed he thought he knew better. With Gase and Burke he was probably right but that kind of thinking can wear on people. Quitting on your coaches in practice is one thing… quitting on your team during a game is another.

  6. The team was trying to keep this hush hush for a reason. Now its going to get ugly and the Dolphins will probably just wind up cutting Jones and take a huge hit on the salary cap. Thanks Barry.

  7. I don’t think some of you understand how the salary cap works, we have 26 million in cap space.. If you cut him the dead money is exactly 17 million the same as his salary for the season so if they cut him we would save 100k in cap space.. We’d still be at 26 million in cap space if we cut him..

    That being said reshad when he is healthy is one of the best safety’s in the league if not the best, If some starting free safety/strong safety tears an ACL I could see a team offering up a 4th rounder or 5th rounder for him I’d eat as much of the salary as we can same as with tannehill. Cap space means nothing to the fins this year. I’d call jerry the boys need better then jeff heath at safety.

  8. I don’t blame Jones for getting upset last season
    We are talking about a pro bowl play making SS. Yet Gase and company had him playing away from his strength. Why? Can anybody explain why? Why play a pro bowler play making SS away from his strengths? And out of his position? To see how pissed off you can get him? Jones is a stud that outplayed and over performed his draft grade of the 5th round. Just like Brady was drafted in the 6th round and by far greatly outperformed his draft grade. Guys that are drafted in later rounds that turn into pro bowlers are not that common. Leave Jones alone he has earned his worth and he started from the bottom

  9. Cleveland could trade Duke Johnson and one their safeties ofsetting some of the salary. Maybe get the Phins to equal it all out by taking on some of cost.

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