Teez Tabor says he’s “more coachable” after rough 2018 season

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When the Lions drafted Teez Tabor in the second round of the 2017 draft, they hoped they found a partner at cornerback for Darius Slay.

That’s not how things have played out. Tabor didn’t play much as a rookie and flopped when put in a starting role last season, which led to a benching that resulted in nine defensive snaps between Week Nine and Week 16. Tabor said last week that he responded to the rough year by doing more listening and learning.

“I became more coachable,” Tabor said, via MLive.com. “That’s one thing. I just sat back and took it all in last year, and said, ‘Man, I just got to become more coachable.’ They all know exactly what they’re talking about. I’m the student, they’re the teacher. I got to learn from them. I’ve been trying to become more coachable. I’ve been sitting down and taking in all the information they’re giving me.”

Slay hasn’t been at OTAs and that’s given Tabor more chances to show how being more coachable has paid off. The reports from practice have been positive, but Tabor said he won’t say anything at this point because he hasn’t “made any plays in this league yet.”

Training camp and preseason games will likely determine whether he can find a chance to do that in a cornerback group that added Rashaan Melvin, Justin Coleman and fifth-round pick Amani Oruwariye this offseason.

9 responses to “Teez Tabor says he’s “more coachable” after rough 2018 season

  1. I love it when these young guys begin to mature. Some never do, and for others it can happen overnite.

  2. Long time Lions fan here. Don’t listen to the kool-aid drinkers of false hope. This guy is flaming hot garbage. Every time he entered the game he was targeted and gave up a big play. The metrics on this guy set new lows. And he just looked overwhelmed. He’s right when he says he hasn’t made a single play in this league yet after two years. Huge miss by Quinn who said he watched more tape on Teez than any other player during the draft.

  3. You dont know he’s garbage yet this is his third year and some players take three years and obviously he matured on learning the position now he’s got to put it all together

  4. brobokil says:
    June 2, 2019 at 5:20 pm
    Why is this under the Vikings team section?


    I guess if the story has to do with NFCN then it is in all NFCN team pages.

  5. “I realized I’m not very good. I should have realized it my first season when I couldn’t crack the roster ofter, but then getting burned by possession receivers over and over and over again last year, I realized maybe these coaches kept me on the sidelines because I stink. I am going to be nice to them now, because I need them to keep me on the sidelines to collect a check, and maybe I can stay under the radar on rosters for another few years…”

  6. This guy would start instantly for the Vikings.

    Probably true. Mike Zimmer and company could turn anyone into a solid corner. We should hire him to consult since we haven’t had a respectable DB since Woodson left 7 years ago.

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