Blake Bortles: I’ve never seen coaching like I’m getting with the Rams

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After five seasons in Jacksonville, Blake Bortles is now in Los Angeles as the backup quarterback for the Rams. And he says playing for Sean McVay is like nothing he experienced with the Jaguars.

Bortles told the Los Angeles Times that McVay has an impressive command of the team.

“Seeing how he coaches, how all the other coaches coach and how the guys are receptive and take it, I’ve never seen anything like it,” Bortles said.

Bortles won’t play in Los Angeles as long as Jared Goff is healthy, but he wants to play again somewhere and he thinks his time with McVay is going to make him a better quarterback in the future.

“I also expect to be a starter in this league again, and I know it’s not going to be here in L.A. So I’m trying to just better myself,” Bortles said. “And if I get an opportunity to play, great. If not, then I spent a year learning from McVay, and being around a really good organization.”

Whether Bortles ever becomes a starter again remains to be seen, but it’s easy to believe that a year playing for McVay could teach him things about playing the quarterback position that he never learned in Jacksonville.

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  1. Are you saying Doug Marrone and Tom Coughlin are mired in the past? I’m shocked.

  2. He’ll learn how great it is having a coach in your ear making pre-snap reads for you.

    Anyone else notice how bad Goff looked when the Pats didn’t show their alignment until the mic turned off?

  3. Bottles lost his job because of his shortcomings, not because of bad playcalling

  4. Yes Blake, you’re entire career has all been the fault of coaching. 😒

  5. Just because McVay has a coaching-for-millenials style who’ll make you feel better, doesn’t make it better coaching, and just because you think you’re a starter don’t make it true either.

    Now McVay and Goff have been figured out, and now having to play a tougher NFC champ schedule, with paydays for stars yet without last year’s spending spree, it’ll be 9-7, 10-6 tops.

  6. “and now having to play a tougher NFC champ schedule,”

    The difference between a first place schedule and a last place schedule is two opponents.

  7. willycents
    Jun 3, 2019, 8:07 AM CDT

    The difference between a first place schedule and a last place schedule is two opponents.
    Which could be the difference between 12-4, Division winner and a bye, and 10-6 wildcard, 5th or 6th seed

  8. Jaguars’ pass-catchers and DBs say they’ve never seen spirals and accurate passes that don’t look like flappy birds during NFL practices

  9. Blake is what I call a systems QB. He has to be comfortable in the system to be successful. He was comfortable in Jacksonville system. At UCF, he was a wide open type of QB, much the same as the Rams run. He took the Jags within 1 game of the Super Bowl two years ago with his passing arm and his receiver. The OL was never up to NFL standards his entire time in Jacksonville. His last year was a total bust. He lost his receivers, had no running game, and the OL was even worse than the year before. QB’s catch more blame when a team can’t win.

    I’m sure Blake is glad to be out of Jacksonville. Their will be more and more pressure to win in Jacksonville this year. I have doubts that either Coughlin and Marrone will survive if that don’t. It wasn’t just a QB that needed to a major overhaul and upgrade. It’s just about everything including team attitude and philosophy.

  10. To his credit, Bortles signed a $54M 3 year contract with $26M guarenteed in 2018.

  11. As a retired coach, it’s critical for many positions especially QB to be in a system with a coach that understands QB development. Ex. Steve Young was considered a bust in Tampa, he gets an opportunity with Bill Walsh and he is in the HOF. Alex Smith was considered a bust until Harbaugh arrived and then he led the 49ers to the NFL championship game. Same with Goff. If Tom Brady had been drafted by numerous teams, he would have failed. Look at Matt Cassell, Jacoby Brissett & Garapolo, all performed well enough to garner the Pats high draft picks. Carson Palmer struggled in Cincinati and Oakland, but when he wound up playing for Arians he rose to the top. It’s critical for a Qb to play for a coach that has the know how or it will be very difficult to succeed. Granted Bortles has some significant mechanical flaws but a good coach can clean that up and in a good system, he will have a chance. Not a guarantee for success, but if he can play it will show if given a chance.

  12. @Robert Thompson – The Pats only got Philip Dorsett in their trade for Brissett. All in all, a fair trade. He was a 1st round pick (of an incompetent fired GM), but wasn’t producing for us. Brissett was an immeasurable upgrade at QB over Tolzien and played well considering his lack of o-line, offensive weapons, and woefully inadequate HC. I truly believe he will be a starting QB in the league for a team next year after his contract with Indy expires.

  13. Hopefully the young man will learn something from the experience and become productive for whatever team he eventually winds up.

  14. People need to lighten up on this guy. He didn’t blame his problems on the coaching iat the Jaguars. He merely talked about how good the coaching was here. It’s never a bad idea to show your new team how happy you are to be there. He also wants to use this opportunity to make himself better while holding a clipboard, a career transition that many quarterbacks hate and can’t find the positives in it. Good luck Blake. You were good enough to get drafted, you might be good enough to start again.

  15. It makes sense, he has always been very adept at throwing the ball to players who weren’t wearing a Jacksonville Jaguars jersey.

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