Roger Goodell: New stadium would allow Bills to remain competitive and stable

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While at Jim Kelly’s annual golf tournament in 2016, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that he felt the Bills need a new stadium in order to remain in Buffalo “on a successful basis.”

Goodell is back at Kelly’s tournament this year and his feelings about the stadium situation have not changed. Money has been spent on renovating New Era Field in recent years and Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz has suggested further renovations may present the “best bang for the buck,” but Goodell remains a supporter of a new stadium.

“I want to make sure this franchise remains competitive and stable,” Goodell said, via Matthew Fairburn of

Bills ownership has discussed a new stadium that would be a “scaled-down version” of new buildings that have gone up or are going up in other cities, but there’s been nothing definitive about their plans at this point. There’s also been no word on how they’d finance either renovating or replacing New Era Field.

Public money is often sought for such purposes with teams using a possible relocation as a carrot to get it. Bills owners Terry and Kim Pegula haven’t brought that up, but it doesn’t seem much else is off the table at this point in the process.

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  1. The Bills are not my team.
    However, when they have a competitive team (and they will next year) that stadium at Orchard Park gives them a huge push.
    Modern stadiums kill the atmosphere. That stadium when it is bouncing is an amazing thing.

  2. Here comes the next taxpayer extortion by the league. Screw the billionaires let them pay for their own palace.

  3. “On a successful basis.” That’s a classic Goodell phrase; a phrase that combines weasel words with a threatening ambiguity. Translation: If the people of Buffalo want football, they better pay for a new stadium. Forget that the NFL is a money machine, and that each franchise is profitable… what matters is that the economically-challenged city of Buffalo and its citizens with poverty rate of about 30% pay for a new stadium.

  4. Aaannddd……away we go. Here come the Bills Mafia screaming how they’ll never leave and the Bills haters moving the team to half the cities in America plus London.

    The truth, as usual, is somewhere in the middle. I don’t doubt the Pegula family wants to stay. But they are businesspeople and at some point it’s going to come to a head.

    I hope they never leave because Bills fans deserve their team. But please don’t tell me it’s “impossible” that they someday leave. Nothing is impossible where money is involved.

  5. Goodell didn’t care if the LA Chargers “remained competitive and stable” when they allowed the worst “re-location” business decision in NFL history, to happen. Now Spanos, Goodell and the NFL owners are trapped as the LA Chargers have few fans, no roots and are renting everything in LA and Costa Mesa. Now the XFL will be still another already saturated pro sports team in LA. Fact: the LA Rams own pro football in LA. Fact: The LA Chargers are an after thought and have lost that “fun to watch” aura they maintained in San Diego.

  6. I wish my fellow Dolphins fans were as supportive of our team as Bills fans are of their team. One of the best fan bases in all of pro sports. Goodell should be concerned with LA supporting one team let alone two.

  7. That’s what the Pohlads said about the twins. Then they flirted with 100 loss season for 10 years

  8. Its up to Buffalo and the citizens. The city / state will need to pay for the stadium as it will bring money to the city separate from the money the owners make. So, if Buffalo cant see the jackpot this team brings in economically – some other city will. it is a no brainer for the city and governemnt to partially pay to keep a money maker like an NFL team in their city.

  9. No taxpayer welfare for multibillionaires in a league worth tens of billions of dollars.

  10. it’s really sad if the Bills have to leave. This is the best fanbase in the NFL. They have had virtually nothing to cheer for and they still support the team as ardently as before. I saw Bills fans in Las Vegas during my visit in April and I told them they’re best fans in the league. Bills Mafia has my eternal respect.

  11. So when is Goodell going to make this argument about Lambeau Field? What’s that? Never?! Exactly. They just want taxpayers to foot the bill for them. I’m sick of these billionaires robbing the country blind and keeping politicians in their pockets. This is not how it’s supposed to work.

  12. Yup. And so begin the threats to move; the extortion; corrupt politicians; and another burden for the taxpayers.

    Just say NO!!!

  13. Why does Goodell think a new stadium solves every team’s problems? I mean look how much that new billion dollar stadium has done for the Falcons? They can’t even fill it up. The Bills poor performance has nothing to do with the stadium which by the why is pretty nice unlike for example the Raiders current home.

  14. AHEM !!

    Pretty sure the Alameda County Stadium Authority would disagree a new stadium is necessary to keep any NFL franchise. It’s all a ruse to prey on the taxpayer.

  15. Gooddell seems to be pushing us to get a new stadium in Buffalo, this isn’t the first time he has mentioned something of this sort. Terry Pegula is a smart man he and his wife own the franchise outright so every cent of profit that comes in the door theirs. If he were to spend nearly a billion dollars on a stadium, taxpayer help or not that will offset any profits for the next couple years. He just paid a Billion dollars for the franchise 4 years ago, he is probably just getting to a profitable point on his Bills purchase. On the other hand a Bills stadium in downtown Buffalo would be great, those old abandoned Perry Projects would be sufficient size for a stadium and parking. Terry Pegula currently does have experts evaluating the viability of the current stadium vs building a new one currently and has said he will comment further once that research is completed.

  16. Harrisonhits2 says:
    June 3, 2019 at 10:27 am
    Here comes the next taxpayer extortion by the league. Screw the billionaires let them pay for their own palace
    YEAH!!By the way where these billionaires get their money from? Oh yeah mostly from the fans.

  17. So the Bills can “remain competitive…” That’s rich! Gillette stadium was privately funded. Billionaires should NOT get taxpayer money to fund their stadiums.

  18. styx630 says:

    So when is Goodell going to make this argument about Lambeau Field?
    Lambeau has been completly renovated in 3 phases over the past 15 years with on going work each offseason. including the Titletown entertainment district that is currently on going construction adjacent to the field itself. It currently fields the 3rd largest capacity in the NFL and a 30 year waiting list for tickets. For an outdoor (as football is meant to be) it is up to speed on all renovations / technologies while keeping the feel of old school days.

  19. The NFL says it will allow them to be…”competitive and remain stable”. In other words Buffalo taxpayers…………………BEND OVER!!

  20. All one needs to do is look at all the property the Pegulas and a few of their rich developer friends have been buying up in a certain section of downtown Buffalo to understand what is going on….

  21. We all can say many things about the Kraft family, but one thing is certain…….and respected……they built Gillette without taxpayer money. State only kicked in for highway infrastructure. Will never in a million years see that again.

  22. “Public money is often sought for such purposes with teams using a possible relocation as a carrot to get it.” — Err, that would be a stick.

  23. Buffalo is one of the great NFL cities. It would be criminal if they ever moved. Buffalo fans have always supported the team, whether at the Rockpile or Ralph Wilson. I assume it’s because the owners pool all of their revenue that Goodell is pushing for this? Or is it just TV and sponsorship revenue?

  24. “I want to make sure this franchise remains competitive and stable,” Goodell said.

    Goodell has no role in making a team competitive on the field. That is the TEAM’s responsibility. If he did, that would be favoritism.

    He does have a role in ensuring all teams have the fair chance to be competitive.

    My take is that Bill’s leadership has ruined their chances to be competitive, and that is affecting their revenue generation to be shared with the rest of the league. Now Roger wants a handout for a new stadium that will draw people in rather than force Bills management to improve and field a competitive team. If you build a winning team, people will come.

  25. fishfan77 says: “Hey rog….. Worry about the TWO teams in LA that aren’t drawing…”

    Sorry to burst your anti-Goodell bubble, but the Rams & Chargers have already surpassed the tv viewership of both St. Louis and San Diego, which is where the real money is.

    Seriously, you only need 20% of Los Angeles watching to completely outdraw the ENTIRE city of St. Louis…

  26. Not only Buffalo taxpayers but all NY state will somehow will be affected too…and wouldn’t surprise me if they figure out how to get funding from Canada too.

  27. pioniere says:
    June 3, 2019 at 11:26 am
    The Bills are already stable, and are about to be very competitive. Just go away Roger.

    19 2 Rate This


    Please get to a college. There is nothing stable about a poorly branded, mediocre or bad team for that long with a stadium that is 50 years old, losing ROI annually based on the investment.

    A new stadium is needed YESTERDAY and fans like you show you still don’t get it.

    You need advertising and suites, with a reason to jack prices, and hopefully a good product too. Right now, your product blows.

    What NOs is doing is a major mistake, but at least it’s a bridge to not having them lose their team in the future.

    You can’t be using old stadiums in this day and age. Even newer stadiums like in Jax or Carolina are approaching outdated mode, 25 years in.

  28. The Bills will become more competitive with better players.

    Its not the stadium that drafts the players and plays the games.
    Its not the stadium that reads defenses and makes throws.

    Let PSL holders pay for it.

  29. Who is he kidding. A new stadium has nothing to do with the Bills being competitive. He’s only thinking of one thing – how to fill the NFL’s pockets. Go sell your BS somewhere else. The Bills will get a new stadium when the time is right. The Pergulas are no idiots – They can see right through this BS. And if you think the Bills not getting any prime-time games was just a coincidence, you’re very naive.

  30. Let PSL holders pay for it.
    The Bills will become more competitive with better players.

    Its not the stadium that drafts the players and plays the games.
    Its not the stadium that reads defenses and makes throws.

  31. I think Bills fans are just fine with our stadium. Millions of dollars of updates have been spent, and millions more to come….not Billions Rog.. we love our field, our tailgating and our location in Orchard Park just the way it is.
    A Lambeau Field type legacy is exactly what we want here in Buffalo.
    We don’t want a new Stadium, and we don’t need one Rog…

  32. I think Roger means “Competitive” in a revenue sense…. title is a bit misleading.

    That stadium is a tough place to play when the Bills are having BAD seasons.

  33. Nissan (Titans) Stadium, Paul Brown Stadium (Bengals), Ravens Stadium, Heinz Field (Steelers), First Energy Stadium (Browns), and Bank of America (Panthers) Stadium are all open air stadium built in the last 18-23 years at a cost between $200-350 million. In the last 24 years – The Bills stadium has undergone 2 major renovations worth over $200 million. So tell me – what exactly do these stadiums have that the Bills are lacking?

  34. Goodell is a moron who keeps repeating the same tired crap over and over. The Pegulas don’t care what the other owners want and they won’t do anything to hurt the team INCLUDING moving them.

  35. I don’t believe a domed stadium is needed to generate ticket sales. Nor do I believe the Bills have a strong need for luxury boxes. Perhaps some updates to New Era to satisfy the League and increasing the seating capacity to 78,000 so as to generate more revenuess.

  36. I know this isn’t a popular idea, but of all NFL cities, Buffalo would be the one that qualifies the most for needing state funding for a stadium considering how many Canadians go to Bills games. A city of 250,000 people isn’t exactly going to be able to fill up luxury box deals like a New York or Dallas could.

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