Ryan Shazier wins PFWA’s Halas Award for overcoming adversity

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Former Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier continues to take significant steps, and he was recognized for his journey Monday.

Shazier was named the winner of the George Halas Award from the Professional Football Writers of America, which recognizes the person who overcomes the most adversity to succeed.

Shazier suffered a spinal injury in 2017, and needed spinal stabilization surgery. While he hasn’t given up on his dream of playing again, the progress he has made has been remarkable, most recently dancing at his wedding.

While the injury was traumatic, Shazier’s response to it has been uplifting, and the Steelers have kept him around the team and engaged, offering all the inspiration anyone there needs.

The other nominees for the award this year were Steelers running back James Connor, Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman, retired Texans safety Andre Hal, and Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.

5 responses to “Ryan Shazier wins PFWA’s Halas Award for overcoming adversity

  1. Good job they gave it to Shazier, might have been the most adversity ever. Why would Luck have been a candidate, because of his shoulder? Give him a crying towel and be done with it.

  2. “The other nominees didn’t have a chance of winning.”


    Shazier definitely deserves it, but all of those guys would have been good choices. Andre Hal and Dave Gettlemen both went cancer treatments, remember, and both recovered to come back to football (Hal did end up retiring shortly after, however). James Conner went through the cancer battle as well, albeit in college and not the pros. Andrew Luck probably had the least compelling case, but that’s only because of how much the other nominees went through. Luck’s shoulder was basically dead weight, football-wise. So yeah, I don’t think that we should take any of those guys’ struggles lightly.

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