Freddie Kitchens: It doesn’t matter if Duke Johnson wants to be traded


Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens doesn’t particularly care whether running back Duke Johnson wants to stay or go.

Kitchens said on NFL Network that he doesn’t think Johnson’s comments about wanting to be traded are as meaningful as the media have made them out to be.

“I’ve said this numerous times: No disrespect to you guys, but the media creating something more than, it was just a comment,” Kitchens said. “He wants to be traded, you know. I want to win the lottery, alright So it doesn’t matter. He’s a Cleveland Brown. He’s under contract. He’s going to be used to the best of his ability and what benefits the team. And that’s what we’re going with. As far as the media-driven controversies, there’s no controversy on our team.”

Johnson does want to be traded, but the Browns don’t appear particularly interested in letting him go. Barring some team coming up with a surprising trade offer, it appears that Kitchens and G.M. John Dorsey are going to keep Johnson in Cleveland.

12 responses to “Freddie Kitchens: It doesn’t matter if Duke Johnson wants to be traded

  1. Finally a team making a player honor his contract! If they don’t want to accept the terms of the contract, then don’t sign it. If you did sign it, then play. Pretty simple concept.

  2. Duke gets to be paid like a starter while only playing part-time, saving his body for another season where he will likely get a new contract elsewhere. Not a bad deal.

  3. Imagine your whole career is based on watching other people have fun, play sports, make tons of money and then ‘reporting’ about them….other people. Reporting about the activities of other people.
    Is anyone surprised the ‘Media” makes as many mountain ranges as possible out of molehills?

  4. Too bad Hard Knocks can’t tap Cleveland this year. This team has more drama than an episode of the Kardashians. And the season hasn’t even started yet!

  5. Johnson need AB to negotiate a trade and scorch the earth. No turning back. Go Browns flush this guy.

  6. Finally a HC besides BB that treats players exactly like what they are, an employee!

    I don’t know why he wants out now, why not during the 1-15 season or the 0-16 season, he’s the highest paid RB on the team and he’ll be sitting the bench most of the time saving his health for the next team and he’ll probably get more than he deserves to!

    Like the old saying “good things come to those who wait”.

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