Report: Jets impressed by Scott Fitterer in G.M. interviews

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When it comes to handicapping the field of candidates to replace Mike Maccagnan as general manager of the New York Jets, the general consensus has been it’s Joe Douglas and everybody else.

While Douglas, the Vice President of Player Personnel for the Philadelphia Eagles, has interviewed for the job and has strong ties with head coach Adam Gase, the rush to give him the job may be a bit premature.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network said Tuesday that Seattle Seahawks Co-Director of Player Personnel Scott Fitterer made a strong impression on the Jets during his interview for the job on Friday.

The presumptive favorite is Joe Douglas from the Philadelphia Eagles,” Rapoport said. “And it has been pretty clear from the beginning that at the least he would have a very good shot at this based on his relationship with Adam Gase and based on his prowess in the front office with the Eagles. But I would add one thing, do not discount Scott Fitterer from the Seahawks. I know everyone assumes it’s going to be Joe Douglas’ job and it may be, but from what I am told, Fitterer was incredibly impressive. They like his body of work, they like him as a guy, which everyone around the league seems to. He also is expected to be in the mix at the end likely with Joe Douglas for the Jets.”

Mike Garafolo of the network added there has been “buzz” regarding Fitterer in recent days.

Fitterer has worked for the Seahawks since 2001 and currently serves as Seattle’s co-director of player personnel alongside Trent Kirchner, who has also been a candidate for G.M. jobs in recent years. Fitterer joined the team as an area scout in 2001 and the club promoted him to director of college scouting in 2010 when Pete Carroll and John Schneider took over the front office.

9 responses to “Report: Jets impressed by Scott Fitterer in G.M. interviews

  1. I want the Seahawks Front Office Personal to get promotions when possible, even if It might meant a few other guys move with Scott if he were to get the job. I am hoping that if he does get the job he is able to function in the structure the Jets appear to be creating.

  2. Whoever takes that job is getting fired along with Gase when Woody Johnson comes back from being an ambassador. Good luck.

  3. i kinda figured it wouldn’t end up being douglas since he was announced so early by the media as the front runner & whenever that happens it doesn’t ever seem to pan out (see mike mccarthy). whomever it is, they cannot be worse than maccagnan, right?

  4. Like yesterday’s revelation from Gase that “this may take awhile because we’re being deliberate,” this report that Fitterer was impressive is damage-control / spin; in his interview with the Jets, Joe Douglas basically discovered that he’ll have less say in NYC than he has in Philly and has cooled on the job.

  5. The Jets release info like this as a way to save face if Joe Douglas says no.

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