Von Miller downplays potential backlash from pass-rush summit

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Broncos linebacker Von Miller recently convened his third annual pass-rush summit. The effort to get quarterback-sackers on the game page could create problems for quarterback-protectors and quarterbacks, especially those on Miller’s team.

Asked Tuesday about a potential backlash from his habit of helping pass rushers improve their craft, Miller downplayed that possibility, while making an important admission that he watches all or part of PFT Live.

“The thing is, there really aren’t any secrets,” Miller told reporters, via Nicki Jhabvala of TheAthletic.com. “There really aren’t any secrets in the pros. I saw an interview yesterday, I think it was Mike Florio and Chris Simms, and they were like, man, I’m going to tell them my tricks. It’s not really like that. There’s not a secret move I have in my bag that I’m holding from everybody else. You see everything I got on film. That’s just a place where we can all compare what we’re doing.”

Miller is right regarding the fact that what he does it on film, but the broader point is that by facilitating the comparing of notes regarding concepts like jumping the snap or duping offensive linemen into disclosing the count, he’s necessarily helping other pass rushers improve their craft. Pass rushers who will be facing the Broncos.

Like the Jaguars in Week Four. Calais Campbell rushed back to Jacksonville to share with teammates everything he gleaned from Miller. So if/when the Jags knock the crap out of Joe Flacco, well, it will be hard not to trace the performance back to what Campbell learned at Miller’s pass-rush summit.

For that and other reasons, offensive linemen and other position groups should do the same thing in 2020, and beyond.

17 responses to “Von Miller downplays potential backlash from pass-rush summit

  1. If he was teaching high school kids these “tricks” than it would be one thing. They’re all in the pros. I can’t imagine what they are putting out is going to a make a huge difference in somebody’s play. I also think that it’s a little naive for you to think players from different teams dont already work together. This isnt something new.

    You think Peyton didnt teach Eli anything after they were both in the league?

    You dont think Odell ever linked up with Landry before he went to the Browns?

    All 32 teams have coaches and other players they work with. One would hope that they are doing their jobs in coaching their players. You arent about to see a huge jump in sacks because of this summit. I promise.

  2. I think this is a wonderfully selfless thing he is doing and should be commended! Not too many successful people want to share their secrets because they like to be among the few successful ones.

  3. Receivers and corners work out together often in the offseason. Doesn’t mean much when there is no game plan installed imo but hey we have to complain about something I guess.

  4. If you have poor coaching then yes this will help a lot.
    If you have good coaching, and study others who play your position for other teams, then shouldn’t you be generally aware of all this?

    Maybe Von Miller wants to be a coach some day, and will have made some friends.
    If you were a HC and Von Miller retires and wants to be a coach, and he’s had success teaching others, wouldn’t you be interested in hiring him?

    Von Miller is also helping pass rushers who play against the teams Denver is competing against, so overall it probably doesn’t have much impact on the teams chances.

  5. WR’s from different teams work out together in the off-season and nobody says a thing. They are talking about how to sink their hips in and out of breaks, how to sell different routes, how to get open??? What’s the difference?? This isn’t pre-90’s football anymore and hasn’t been for awhile. Players from opposing Team’s don’t hate each other anymore. They train together, party together, and all hope they drive up the pay scale for each other. Nothing to see here…keep moving along.

  6. How about we just let private citizens do what they want on their own time?

    There was a time in this country where that actually didn’t seem like a crazy idea.

  7. Really? Hard not to trace it back to this? Not possible that what Calais has been doing to the league for years is just continuing?

  8. Please. Much ado about nada. If Flacco gets body slammed no one is going to point a finger at Miller and say “It’s your fault!”

  9. So if/when the Broncos knock the crap out of Nick Foles, will it be hard to trace the performance back to what Miller learned from Campbell at the summit?

    This has been happening at the Pro Bowl for decades, what is the story here?

  10. The problem here isn’t that Miller is enabling pass rushers to share the tricks of their trade with each other and thus improve the skill level of the group as a whole, it’s that other position groups or football roles aren’t doing it. Plus, if Broncos linemen and QBs are so concerned, maybe they should take advantage of the fact that Miller is on their team and can teach them the same little tips, hints and tricks so they can develop counter-measures.

  11. Not seeing a big deal here. A lot of these guys work out together in the offseason.

  12. People needed help sacking joe Flacco? The guy is a frozen statue in quicksand. He can’t get out of his own way. Please don’t blame this camp for anything that happens to joe Flacco. And honestly… any team
    Is better without Flacco so maybe miller is just trying to help the broncos put the best team on the field.

    Other than that… I agree that helping opponents is a bad idea in a team sport.

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