Bears employing “Augusta silence” in kicking competition

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The Bears are trying to find a kicker they believe will do well under pressure and one of the ways they’re trying to suss that out is by borrowing from the world of golf.

Bears head coach Matt Nagy took in The Masters this year and he brought back the idea of “Augusta silence” to the team’s practices. When Chris Blewitt, Elliott Fry and Eddy Piniero are summoned to kick in front of the team, the entire roster goes silent in what Nagy calls an “eerie” scene.

While NFL games are rarely silent, special teams coordinator Chris Tabor said the lowering of the volume is designed to “add pressure each and every day.”

It just randomly happens that at some point in practice,” Tabor said, via Kevin Fishbain of “It could be in the middle of a drill, offense and defense, they just have to leave and they go to the side of the field and we put him out there and it’s a pressure-packed situation. Kicker might not know when it’s coming. So therefore how does he handle adversity. ‘They just called me, boom there’s an interception, I’ve got to change gears right now and I’ve got to go out there and kick this game winner.’ And then it’s just, it’s quiet.”

Nagy said the team has yet to decide if they’ll bring all three kickers with them to training camp to continue a competition that’s already seen several kickers discarded in the search for one the team can count on come the fall.

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  1. Thanks again Ryan Pace for cutting a kicker (Gould) who has made 80 of his last 82 field goals.

    Please excuse yourself from all football operations and take that job at Blockbuster rewinding people’s VHS tapes.

  2. superfanentertainment says:
    June 5, 2019 at 6:40 pm
    Thanks again Ryan Pace for cutting a kicker (Gould) who has made 80 of his last 82 field goals.

    Please excuse yourself from all football operations and take that job at Blockbuster rewinding people’s VHS tapes.


    That same Ryan Pace who turned a practice squad defense (seriously, look at the Bears defensive starters in 2014 and 15) into a historically dominant unit in only 3 years, something Ted Thompson couldn’t do in 12 seasons. And also hired a rookie head coach who went 12-4 and won COY. Yeah he sucks.

  3. Packers at one time had a receivers coach who had the receivers catching bricks… Unusual to be sure. Point is, you keep trying new things until you find something that works.

  4. Yes Pace made a mistake cutting Gould but the team was entering a rebuilding phase and he was going to be to expensive. Hindsight is always 20/20. I think he’s done a good job since. Jury is still out on Trubisky though. His first year was under coach Fox not exactly a juggernaut of an offensive coach. I definitely think the Bears are going in the right direction.

  5. Lot of defenders here of a guy who blew the easiest position to fill in sports so badly it’s become the best joke in the NFL. Seriously, it’s one thing to miss big-time kicks. There are more than 30 people in the world who can put in field goals at a 80+% clip. This competition thing is so stupid and won’t work given what a mental process kicking is. Just pick a guy and tell him to kick field goals and do laps for 6 hours a day until the season starts.

  6. So will they hold up that quiet sign at away games too? Why not simulate game conditions instead of the complete opposite? The opposite of situational football.

  7. Letting Gould go made sense. The team was rebuilding; Gould just had his worst year/was getting older & wanted elite money. If that was his ONLY move, then MAYBE you could make that ONE criticism. But the guys did the near impossible. He hired a GEM of a head coach; built a team in a FEW years that had the most probowl selections and went 1-4 with one of the youngest teams in the NFL. So I guess he should only get an “A” – instead of an “A+”!

  8. I love all you people bashing Pace. He has done a tremendous job rebuilding this organization in a short time. The kicker situation will get rectified.

  9. This innovative kicking competition will probably work out well. Unfortunately, in today’s NFL, you need more than a game manager under center to advance QB far in the playoffs. Despite the kicking woes of last year’s postseason, QB is still a bigger position of need.

  10. This is ridiculous. Way too much attention has been made about the bears kicking situation. I fully expect a repeat in 2019 because of the way they have mismanaged the whole situation.

  11. I think Nagy might have a little bit of that I’m smarter than everybody else attitude going.

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