Brian Flores: QB competition really gets rolling in “nitty gritty” of training camp


The early word from Miami has been that Ryan Fitzpatrick has had the edge over Josh Rosen at quarterback, but head coach Brian Flores said on Wednesday that it would be premature to read too much into what that means for the regular season.

Flores has said in the past that Rosen has a lot to learn after coming to the Dolphins in late April, but it appears that he’ll have time to continue educating himself before the quarterback competition reaches its boiling point.

Flores said, via multiple reporters, that he doesn’t put much importance on which player is first up with the starters at this point in the calendar. That won’t change “until we get into the nitty gritty of training camp” and that point will coincide with opportunities to see both quarterbacks against hostile defenses over the course of the preseason schedule.

When the ultimate decision will come remains unknown, but it sounds like Flores plans to be watching both players a lot more before it is made.

15 responses to “Brian Flores: QB competition really gets rolling in “nitty gritty” of training camp

  1. Fitzpatrick only turns to Fitzmagic when he comes off the bench, and then the magic wears off after a few games when he starts throwing a ton of INTs… Start Josh Rosen.

  2. Fitzpatrick should be the back up with Rosen as the starter. Fitzpatrick is not the long term solution, let Rosen start 16 games and see what you got. Fitzmagic always shows up in the beginning and fades halfway, there is a reason he has been on half the teams in the NFL.

  3. TruthfulDolphinsFanNotWearingBlinders says:
    June 5, 2019 at 11:17 am
    A QB competition for the first time in years instead of insisting that a converted college WR with no pocket awareness or accuracy be handed the starting position on a platter!
    Yeah because both these guys are the picture of pocket awareness. Did you watch any of Rosen’s games last year? And he is going to a WORSE team with a WORSE O-Line. Rosen is too busy still crying that he never heard from Steve Keim. Fitzpatrick is mediocre at best. Tannehill will be the Titans starter by week 8 and they WILL make the playoffs. Mark the tape.

    If you think either one of these two is an upgrade over Tannehill, I want what you are smoking.

  4. A great opportunity for Josh Rosen to learn from Fitzpatrick while sharpening his skill set through competition. It won’t matter that much who starts the regular season as either way, the Phins will have a competent “second” to step in at any given point and the more experience Rosen can get with the team the better everyone will be in the long run. Josh’s self confidence, intelligence, competitiveness and easy going demeanor will serve him well as he learns from the veteran mentors he has in the QB room. This could be a very exciting, and surprising year for Florida football!

  5. In my humble opinion… Don’t start Rosen until you are comfortable with him knowing the offense. If that is week 1 then fine, go with him, but if he isn’t ready don’t rush him. Let Fitzpatrick take the beatings at the start of the season. He has a knack of starting off hot, then fizzing out (usually by game 3 or 4). Hopefully, by then you will know what type of team you have in way of the running game, passing game, and pass protection. Not to mention, just because he don’t start the game doesn’t mean he can’t see some action in those games. I think it would be “avant garde” to have a package(s) for Rosen in those games. Get him some reps, so when Fitz do what he always do Rosen would at least have some rapport with his team, and can go in feeling somewhat comfortable. By all the media accounts we will suck anyway, so why not do something different. I can’t believe I am about to say this, but do it the Patriot’s Way. They always start off slow, why because they treat the 1st month of the season as an extended training camp. They learn what their team can and can’t do during that time, then they tailor the team based off that. They have the luxury of doing that because of the weak AFC East, but hey again nobody expects the Fins to do much this year, so be BOLD!!!!

  6. Balanced Diet says:
    June 5, 2019 at 11:09 am


    and then Fitztragic…

  7. Calling this a “QB Competition” is like calling it a “Beauty Contest” between Rosie O’Donnell and Nancy Pelosi

  8. Flores will be gone (most likely back to New England) after 3 years and a 14-34 record in Miami. Band may change but the music stays the same as long as Stephen Ross still owns the team

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