Eli Manning: I’m not going to stress about Daniel Jones


The Giants have made it clear that they still consider Eli Manning their starting quarterback, but the presence of Daniel Jones means that the days where he’ll have unquestioned control of that title are numbered.

Neither Manning nor anyone else knows exactly how many days he has left, but the veteran knows that Jones’ arrival creates a situation where “things can change” if he does not play well. Manning said he thinks the day could come when he feels pressured by that state of affairs, but that it won’t be on the practice field.

“I don’t think you can stress that,” Manning said, via Bob Glauber of Newsday. “You got to go out there. I’m going to do my best every time I’m at practice and every time at the games and hope that’s enough for us to win the games. … I think it’s still kind of a situation where you have to have the same approach you’ve treated all the other years and just kind of hope for the best.”

The last couple of years have pushed Manning closer to the exit, so he’ll also be hoping that the same approach leads to very different results this time around.

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  1. Jones/Manning, what’s the difference? Either way they will finish last in the division. The only competition for that dubious title might be the Redskins if they don’t get things worked out with Trent Williams.

  2. What goes around, comes around.

    Giants benched former MVP Kurt Warner, who had the team at 5-2, for Eli Manning. Giants finished the season at 6-10. Manning was a turnover machine.

    If it’s Daniel Jones’ turn, Manning can’t really complain and he was a beneficiary of the same circumstances when he entered the league.

  3. The column title: ‘Eli Manning: I’m not going to stress about Daniel Jones’, prompting me to infer that Manning is defensive and is, in fact, stressing about Jones. Turns out, Manning said that when you practice and play games, ‘you can’t stress that’, meaning that you can’t make the thought of losing your job a point of emphasis. Two very different meanings of stress.

  4. What does Eli care? He’s made a huge fortune in his career, set for life, has the 2 SB rings. If its over he has very little to be concerned about as he can literally do almost anything he wants to for the remainder of his life.

  5. He never stressed about selling fake game worn jerseys either, he must have known there would be no discipline handed out. Must be nice to commit fraud and face no consequence.

  6. Why would he stress out, isn’t this the last year he is under contract?

  7. .
    Giants offense scored most points in their division in 2018: Eli is washed up.
    Giants Defense gave up the most points in their division in 2018: Eli is washed up.
    Eli had one of the best games of his career in 2018: Eli is washed up.
    Oh yeah I forgot facts don’t matter, I just feel like Eli is washed up.

  8. At this point neither Giants QB is any better than the other. This isn’t going to change for a couple years – until a new GM drafts another QB.

  9. Jones could replace manning as dual thread like Lamar Jackson. Big athletic stud and game trending toward athlete QB

  10. “Y’all can hate on Eli all ya want, but remember he has 2 rings as a starting QB in the National Football League!”


    The fallacy of that statement is that Manning – and 52 other players on the Giants – got those two rings.

  11. He should stress. Per reports from OTA’s thus far Daniel Jones is looking better than Eli. His arm is alot stronger than what the media reported prior to him getting drafted, he has a nice accurate deep ball and is showing to be more accurate than Manning so far in camp. Hopefully DJ can continue the same play when the pads go on.

  12. He has about 130 days, or until about Oct 11th. They will let him play the first 6 games, including Week 6 vs The Patriots, for old time sake to see if there can be another miracle. By that time they will be about 1-6 or 0-6, and they will make the switch to Jones for the following game, at home, against the AZ Cardinals and their own rookie QB. Shurmur will try to make it as painless as possible but he’s got three seasons to produce a winner and riding out Eli’s last days is likely to be a career ender for him. He will probably rather take his chances growing a rookie and hope for steady progress that allows him to point to the future and keep his job beyond season #3.

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