Odell Beckham: Browns’ playbook won’t be hard to pick up


When Browns receiver Odell Beckham skipped voluntary Organized Team Activities, head coach Freddie Kitchens didn’t seem thrilled about it, saying that Beckham missed learning the offense. Beckham doesn’t think he’s too far behind.

Beckham said today at the Browns’ mandatory minicamp that he can learn a playbook in less than three months.

“I’ve always been a pretty smart guy as far as when it comes to the playbook. So it won’t be anything to pick up — it won’t be too hard to pick up,” Beckham said.

So why didn’t Beckham show up for voluntary work? He said he prepares his own way, and that he talked to Kitchens and told him where he’d be.

“I know my body better than anybody else, so I know what it takes to get me in top physical condition, mental, all those things. This isn’t my first rodeo. It’s not my first go-round. I know what it takes to get there,” Beckham said.

Beckham is confident he’ll get there before the games start to count.

53 responses to “Odell Beckham: Browns’ playbook won’t be hard to pick up

  1. It’s not just the playbook. It’s getting timing down and learning things to better work with your teammates.

  2. Hey, he did it his way in NY too. As long as he’s ready to go in September, who cares– except for the bashers who root for everyone to fail.

  3. Guys, who needs a playbook? No playbook ever taught Odell how to attack a kickers net, psh.

  4. The Browns are either going to be an incredibly awful tire fire or they’ll make the playoffs bringing the Jets one step closer to the longest active playoff streak. It’s a win-win.

  5. PLAYBOOK! Did you say PLAYBOOK? I don’t need a stinking playbook! I’m OBJ! And I am a Genius! PLAYBOOK! OMG cuz Ima OBJ!

  6. I don’t think his personal training is working very well. The former Giants’ star wide receiver has missed 21 games in what has been a record-setting five-year career. Missing 21 of a possible 80 games is quite a bit of time.

    That said, I’m sure glad he’s no longer in the NFC East. Guy is a monster when he’s healthy and his head is right.

  7. It probably goes right by him that his ‘confident’ mouth just insulted the team. I doubt that was his intention (he wasnt thinking enough to have an intention) but gee think about what he just said.

  8. Is he a clown? Yes. But is he wrong about this statement? Absolutely not. The guy is annoying and a prima donna, but he is also one of the best route runners in the league and right there with Hopkins as the best pass catchers in the league. His job will be to run the routes and catch the passes. Anyone who thinks he can’t do that has not been watching. It’s not like he is expected to pick up alot of blocking assignments

  9. Always good to read things like timing and team chemistry on paper. Just like browns fans have crowned themselves champs by the roster they see on paper. lol

  10. If they wanted all OTAs to be mandatory they should have made it that way. It was collectively bargained. Don’t see the big deal in no showing until it’s mandatory. No one will talk about this once the season starts.

  11. In 5 NFL seasons. OBJ has missed over 25% of his career due to injury. Over a 16 game schedule .. that’s 4 games a year. That’s while in his prime. As he gets older, those numbers are likely to increase.

  12. The book itself weighs about a pound, it’s the content that he won’t be able to heft….

  13. mrbigass says: “It’s not just the playbook. It’s getting timing down and learning things to better work with your teammates.”

    Right. Just like how Brady worked with the rookie WRs last year during voluntary OTAs. Oops…he didn’t show up either. And wow, he sure had that timing thing off with Josh Gordon since he didn’t come in until mid-season…

  14. What an utterly stupid thing to say. These are the people they pay the big money to.

  15. This guy just doesn’t seem to get it. To be a championship level team means more than just X’s and O’s and personal training/accomplishments. A championship level team requires trust, comraderie, and sacrifice. OBJ is an elite talent, but he is a detriment to the Browns, and that fan base deserves better.

  16. Time for Dorsey to step in. And I can guarantee you John doesn’t mince words. OB isn’t going to like it and he’ll be a basket case for the rest of the year. Next he’ll be asking for a trade.

  17. The first time Mayfield throws a pick when OBj thinks he’s open. He’ll attack a FG net then blame the QB. After of course he gets on bended knee and ask the net to marry him.. smh

  18. As talented as OBJ is, I just don’t like him.
    I hope he doesn’t have a great year, just a plain old 1,000 season, which is very good, but not great.

  19. “He said he prepares his own way”

    Because that’s what every football team wants: 53 players who each prepares “his own way.” Way to be a team leader, showing everyone else the way things OUGHT to be done. In this way, a head coach can fulfill his desire to learn what it’s like to attempt to herd a gaggle of cats.

  20. Just wait til he breaks off a route too soon and Lamefield chucks an INT.

  21. So many people are rooting him to fail because he’s confident. Why are people mad at him for believing in his abilities and answering the questions that were asked? Do you want players to speak in coach speak or do you want them to be actual humans with confidence?

  22. SO is he saying its a pretty easy playbook? That is good to hear, since Im not a browns fan and my team plays them twice a year.

  23. fishfan77 says:
    June 6, 2019 at 6:33 am
    Can’t wait to see He and Landry the first time one of them feels they aren’t getting the ball enough…
    I don’t think either of them cares that much as long as the team wins. Did you watch them at LSU? They treat each other’s successes like its their own

  24. OBJ is putting a lot of pressure on himself. Let’s look at how he deals with pressure, shall we? In the biggest game of his career: 4 catches for 28 yards and 3 drops. Let’s not forget Josh Norman getting OBJ to lose his mind and get Coughlin fired. Oh yeah, he also lost a fight to a kicking net…

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