After big contract with Jaguars, Andrew Norwell “let my teammates down”

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Last year guard Andrew Norwell signed a five-year, $66.5 million contract with the Jaguars, which at the time made him the highest-paid guard in the league. The return on the Jaguars’ investment was not good.

Norwell missed five games with injuries, didn’t play particularly well in the games he did play, and admitted that he had a poor first year in Jacksonville.

“It’s no excuse, but it wasn’t my healthiest season,” Norwell said, via the Florida Times-Union. “I battled through it and ultimately had a significant injury there and that ended my season. I was very disappointed. I’m not going to let my teammates down like that again.”

Norwell had been a first-team All-Pro with the Panthers in 2017 before signing with the Jaguars in 2018, and he says he’s still that same player if he’s healthy.

“I was my same self,” he said. “I just struggled through some injuries the whole year. I really just couldn’t get healthy. I wasn’t practicing consistently every week. It was just pretty tough on me. You know what? That’s why you fall back on your fundamentals and work hard. What got me here, you just fall back on that.”

Getting Norwell healthy will go a long way toward getting the Jaguars back to where they want to be.

15 responses to “After big contract with Jaguars, Andrew Norwell “let my teammates down”

  1. Seems like so many things went wrong for the Jags last year, it’s impossible to blame any one thing. Norwell’s injury-plagued season was just one of a long list.

  2. It all starts with the offensive and defensive lines. Not always visible, but critical to success usually.

  3. The O-line lost Cam Robinson, Brandon Linder AND Josh Wells to the injured reserve list before Norwell was placed there with his ankle problem.

    When your line are all backup players, it’s tough for even an All-Pro to cover up the deficiencies and keep up his personal performance. A fully healthy line will make everyone better again.

  4. The Jags were ravaged along the O-line. There was a string of weeks where we had one starter, a couple seconds, a third and a fourth. I get that injuries happen, but this was extraordinary.

    Add to that we had a QB who needed everything to be perfect around him and you get the sudden dropoff. VERY interested to see how this year plays out.

  5. Glad the Giants passed on him, Zeitler is a monster compared to this guy at guard. Gettleman is looking smarter and smarter everyday. Love it

  6. Love the attitude and that is holding himself accountable for last year. Great leadership which this team didnt seem to have last year.

  7. The more important the quarterback position, the more important the guy protecting his blindside, and the pass rusher going after the opposing team’s QB.

    It’s ludicrous to put so much emphasis, and such a huge portion of the salary cap, on one player whose success is as dependent on the team as any other position.

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