Odell Beckham on Baker Mayfield’s arm: Wow! This is different


Odell Beckham Jr. admits he’s still catching up after missing most of the Browns’ offseason program.

“I’m still getting there,’’ Beckham said, via Mary Kay Cabot of cleveland.com. “You know, I feel good just to be back out here. It’s what you dreamed all your life in a new place, new environment, so just catching on, catching up with teammates and make sure I get back to where I know I can be at.”

One of the things Beckham is figuring out is Baker Mayfield‘s arm strength. Beckham has complained he didn’t have enough chances for long balls with the Giants. It appears he will get that chance with the Browns.

“I’m going to have to get adjusted to the speed, because he has an arm,’’ Beckham said of Mayfield. “He’s throwing that ball hard. Just catching him from the first day, it was like, ‘Wow! This is completely different.’ It just takes time. Like I said, we play in September, so it’s a good thing.’’

Beckham said he has kept up with the offensive installation on his tablet. Now, he just has to catch up.

13 responses to “Odell Beckham on Baker Mayfield’s arm: Wow! This is different

  1. Yes, everyone dreams of leaving NYC for Cleveland. Such a great city and successful franchise. He’s just trying to dig out of the hole he’s been digging since he got there.

  2. Doesn’t he realize that when he says, “He’s throwing that ball hard. Wow! This is completely different,” that he’s throwing the QB who helped him get started in this league under the bus? Or is he just that dense?

  3. Guess that’s why he could not catch a ball in the playoff game in Green Bay.

  4. Can’t wait until OBJ rants on the sideline that its not his fault he dropped the pass, it’s Mayfield’s for throwing the ball “too hard.” Man I hope the Browns get “Hard Knocks” this year. Drama gonna drama.

  5. When he catches 16 TDs and has 1500 yards receiving this year nobody is going to care what he does on the sidelines.

  6. Now wouldn’t it have good to be at all OTA’s? Look at your tablet all you want, no where close to being on the practice field.

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