Rashaad Penny working with Marshall Faulk

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Rashaad Penny, the Seahawks’ first-round draft pick in 2018, didn’t even make it into the regular season before he needed surgery to repair a finger injury. Although he didn’t miss any games with the finger injury, he did miss the final two games with a knee injury.

Penny said his nagging finger injury taught him patience.

“That’s definitely frustrating,” Penny said, via Curtis Crabtree of PFT and Sports Radio KJR. “Definitely when you have a finger issue, as a running back you need all your fingers. It is frustrating, and it was frustrating for me as a rookie. I didn’t know how to take it. I’ve never been hurt playing football in my life, so when that happened, I just hit a wall. I’m glad that I’ve grown up. Over these past months and this offseason, I’ve just started taking everything seriously by treating my body right and doing the little things. Also I think what helped me was losing all that extra weight. Now I feel better. I don’t have all those nagging injuries. I’m at my best.”

Penny hired a nutritionist who has him under 230 pounds and feeling “better than I’ve ever felt.” He also has spent time with Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk, learning to be a pro.

Penny said he began working with Faulk in January. The San Diego State products met Mondays and Wednesdays for two hours each day.

“Just the little things,” Penny said when asked what Faulk taught him. “I send him the playbook and he shows me what to look for. We watch like videos on Facetime. I’m just trying to learn the dynamics of being more of a pro.”

Penny rushed for 419 yards and two touchdowns on 85 carries as a rookie, while catching nine passes for 75 yards.

10 responses to “Rashaad Penny working with Marshall Faulk

  1. Send him the playbook ?? Couldn’t this become a problem if one of your young players take advice from a former player with financial issues and he sells the playbook to a rival team for compensation. Get all the advice you need but don’t give up the playbook.

  2. Giving Faulk the playbook may become the story.

    Be surprised if the team granted Penny permission to do that.

  3. Marshall was giving it a special tinfoil cover so that Belichick’s x-ray eyes could not steal the plays.

    Faulk is a handsy lunatic who had freakish athletic ability when he played. I am not sure what there is to learn from him.

  4. Penny needed to slim down; he flashed a few times last year, but never looked fast or fit enough to me.

    Book’s not closed on him though, he showed enough to give you hope that he can succeed at this level.

  5. I once worked with John Elway’s Uncle. I changed the oil on his car. Somehow, the Broncos never called. I do have a really great arm though.

  6. 5 yards per carry. Only some minor injuries and Chris Carson blowing up kept Penny back…I think this kid will shine this season. Hopefully Carson and Penny both stay healthy. Nice 1-2 punch.

  7. Carson Penny Homer and Prosise will be REALLY nasty! You watch…but do not be surprised if you see Prosise to the Pats for a 5th or worse. Most stacked backfield in the NFL. Huge line and Ruskies dropping dimes to the new kids will be super entertaining!

  8. If he keeps the weight off, he may show some promise. Last year he was too tubby, and that’s why he was a lost cause the first half of the season.

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