D.A.: No “active investigation” involving Tyreek Hill

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After audio of Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill talking to his son’s mother about the boy’s injuries surfaced in April, there was word that the Johnson County, Kansas District Attorney’s office had reopened an investigation into Hill’s actions.

District Attorney Steve Howe had previously said that he thought a crime occurred involving the boy, but that there was not conclusive evidence of who committed it. Howe didn’t confirm that the case was reopened after the audio went public, but said that any further look into the case has ended.

“It is not an active investigation,” Howe told Brooke Pryor of the Kansas City Star on Friday. “As in any case, if we receive additional evidence we reevaluate.”

Howe said his feelings about a crime having been committed “still hold true.”

Hill’s attorney said his understanding is that any investigation “has been closed for quite some time now and obviously there’s been some misinformation about that.” Hill has denied involvement in any abuse of his son.

There is an ongoing case with the Kansas Department for Children and Families, which NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell referenced in a May press conference when asked about Hill’s status. Goodell said the league would not interfere with that proceeding and suggested any discipline from the league would wait until in concludes. Hill did not take part in offseason work with the Chiefs after the audio was released, but has not been formally suspended or placed on the Commissioner’s Exempt list.

46 responses to “D.A.: No “active investigation” involving Tyreek Hill

  1. I’m sure the Johnson County District Attorney scored free season tickets from the Chiefs.

    Seriously, the DA holds an elected position. Charging a local sports hero is the kiss of death.

  2. Not a surprise. Go chefs!
    He’ll screw up again it’s only a matter of time.

  3. This slime ball is gonna get away with breaking his son’s arm. Makes me sick to my stomach. I’ve always wanted to tailgate in KC. I ABSOLUTLEY REFUSE to as long as he is a member of their organization.

  4. If this was just some random guy would they do the same thing or are they intimidated by the Chiefs and his lawyers.

  5. I met Tyreek back in 2016 and he was a great guy, didn’t have a mean bone in his body

  6. This is really simple for King Roger: Sit both Hill and the mom down together and ask them, “Who broke your son’s arm?”

    Hill: “I dunno.”
    Mom: “I dunno.”

    Goodell: “Ok, you are hereby suspended indefinitely until you two figure out who broke that little boy’s arm. Goodbye.”

  7. Certain teams get
    handled differently than others. Which means the league is corrupt!

  8. You folks here that know he broke his child’s arm, please tell me how you know. Do facts mean anything here. Have you served on juries and voted guilty because your conclusions trumped evidence.
    Right now, it is an unknown.

  9. When I see Tyreek on the field I will not be thinking about a great athlete–I will be thinking about a pregnant women getting choked and punched in the stomach and about a battered little boy scared of his father. I would rather not to have to think about that when watching a sport that I really like.

  10. I hope that most of you are never on a jury. Talk about preconceived decisions of guilt. If you read all of the available information, you won’t be so sure that Tyreek committed the act.

  11. Ok fine it this what it is. However he should still be suspended for a year for actions that were detrimental to the league especially because it involved a child.

  12. Case closed chiefs should reinstate him and move on and so should the nfl. Nobody knows what happened just speculation. Hill will pay for this there is no way the chiefs will give him that huge contract he was gunning for and I’m not sure many other teams will either…

  13. Tyreek Hill ADMITTED sitting on his pregnant girlfriend and punching her stomach. Just think about that.

  14. Social services has a bad rep of closing cases just to have it blow up in their face later. I hope to God to I’m wrong for the this child’s sake.

  15. The bottom line here is this would be a very easy decision for the Chiefs to cut ties from
    tyreek hill had Kareem Hunt was still out of the league unable to get work,, But if you are the chiefs and saw what doing the right thing gets you with a kareem Hunt signing now with Cleveland,Then by all means I understand if they hang on to his rights and even have him come back.

    The only way it makes sense for the Chiefs to release him now is if the League suspends him for 3+ seasons or for good.

  16. Tyreek’s punishment – He will receive a nominal amount of his paycheque…… say 100k to split between him and mom.
    Everything else goes into the kids name to be handed over when he turns 25…… better yet…. 30

  17. To those who are demanding more proof, try looking at it this way — even if he didn’t break his kid’s arm (yeah right), he not only took no action to protect his child from an abusive mother, he physically threatened her in that released audio. So he’s either complete scum or your average scum.

  18. First… he didn’t commit a crime or he would be charged
    Under the league rules he should not be suspended
    Chiefs should let him practice now
    Kansas City Chiefs did the right thing by not acting quickly,
    potentially loosing a great player. I think its
    frightening everyone condemning this guy with zero evidence.
    time to play some ball!

  19. Always makes me laugh when people pounce to crucify someone without seeing all the
    Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

  20. Krombopulos Michael says:

    June 7, 2019 at 3:31 pm

    “It’s ok to abuse women and children, so long as you can run really fast and catch a football”
    -Kansas City Chiefs-

    Says the Adrian Peterson fan…

  21. Someone who breaks a child’s arm out of anger should not be celebrated.

    If Zeke got a 6 game suspension this guy has to be out for a year.

    I absolutely agree with you. A better comparison might be Peterson who harmed his child with physical abuse and as bad as that was I don’t even think he went to the extent of breaking his son’s arm. So whatever price he paid this guy should get double. It’s despicable what these cowards do to their wives/girlfriends and now kids. Someone needs to speak for them and act on these situations and come down hard when the law can’t. And that’s the NFL. It’s about time they step up to the plate and start thinking banishment from the league.

    Somehow the NFL survives over the years from the retirements by their biggest stars and faces of the league. They can certainly survive and thrive without these scumbags.

  22. As a Chiefs fan…it’s disappointing to have this garbage continually swirling around the team. You assume one or both parents are guilty..however with apparently no proof..all that can be done is let him play. Any suspension of more than 2 games is nonsense given Hunt got 8 games with video of a crime.

  23. The Chiefs asked him to stay away so what did they find out? The child was placed into protective custody by human services. Now the D.A. is refusing to prosecute? This stinks to high heaven. The D.A. took a payoff.

  24. I’m thinking hes not a good guy, sadly but saying that, no ch aas rges then for now he plays. Going to suspend someone because perhaps they did something? Half these guys would be out.

  25. Nothing was proven,sounds like his wife was the culprit and tried to blame it on Hill,there should be No suspension and you non Chief fans quit your pitiful crying,as for the moron who said he’s ashamed to be a chiefs fan,go root for the donks,we won’t miss your butt!

  26. superfanentertainment says:

    June 7, 2019 at 1:25 pm

    This slime ball is gonna get away with breaking his son’s arm. Makes me sick to my stomach. I’ve always wanted to tailgate in KC. I ABSOLUTLEY REFUSE to as long as he is a member of their organization
    Oh gosh I bet the Chiefs organization is working on trade with Cleveland as we speak to dump Hill because they so desperately want you to come tailgate at Arrowhead. Tell you what Perry Mason maybe you should know just EXACTLY what the facts are before you convict someone of a crime that law enforcement says there was no crime committed. You have any idea how any kids break their arms jumping off bunk beds, on trampolines, falling off bikes and tricycles, and other stuff? So if your 5 year old trips over his scooter and breaks his wrist while you are at work, I guess they should come lock you up and you should lose your job because obviously it was your fault and you did it on purpose.

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