Donte Moncrief thinks Steelers can have “electric” WR group

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There’s been a lot of talk about increased harmony in the Steelers wide receiver group this offseason and it has come with a backdrop of questions about how productive they’ll be without Antonio Brown in town anymore.

Pittsburgh will be counting on another big season for JuJu Smith-Schuster, but won’t be looking to one player to replace Brown’s numbers alongside him. Donte Moncrief will be part of the group vying for time alongside Smith-Schuster and he feels that he and the other wideouts have the potential to make a big impact.

“As [wide receivers] coach [Darryl Drake] said, you’re always going to be as strong as your weakest guy,” Moncrief said, via the team’s website. “In our room we try to pick everybody up, make sure everybody’s on the same page and make sure everybody’s ready to go to play every position. If we can do that, our receivers room will be electric.”

James Washington, third-round pick Diontae Johnson, Ryan Switzer and Eli Rogers are others in the group with Moncrief and Smith-Schuster.

11 responses to “Donte Moncrief thinks Steelers can have “electric” WR group

  1. I hope the steelers continue to be underdogs throughout the season. Browns crowning themselves champs already is going to put a target on their back. teams will play them differently this year and they wont be as successful as everyone thinks. This division is pittsburgh’s to lose

  2. That’s an odd way to spell BORING. Easily the least talented WR group in the NFL now, pathetic handling of their stud players

  3. This team didn’t make the playoffs last year as they choked away the division title, and have lost to Blake Bortles and Tim Tebow in the playoffs 6- 10 would be a great year for them.

  4. Ben is finished, thats how it will go. Throwing picks to nose tackles then blaming his WRs

  5. The Steelers will be fine, most likely better now that AB is gone. No doubt AB is a supreme talent, but the game is more than just having great physical skills. After his offseason performance, one can only assume that was the way he was carrying on in the locker room. The fact that the Steelers let a lot of this happen, is on them. I think they have learned from their mistakes.

  6. The only electricity these guys are going to generate are the sparks on social media when they start having to respond to Little Ben humiliating them on his radio clown show.

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