Melvin Gordon: Chargers are the team to beat

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Running back Melvin Gordon is planning to join the Chargers as they take the next step in preparations for the 2019 season at next week’s minicamp.

Gordon has not been with the team for the voluntary portion of the offseason schedule, but he apparently didn’t need to be around the team to gain a high opinion of their outlook for the coming year.

The Chiefs have won three straight AFC West titles and Gordon was asked by Wendi Nix of ESPN if that makes Kansas City the team to beat in the division this year as well. Gordon doesn’t feel that way and he expanded his answer beyond the division.

“We’re the team to beat,” Gordon said. “We’re just special, and I definitely feel we have the best team in the NFL. You just have to walk around with that confidence.”

The Chargers had the same record as the Chiefs last season, but wound up as a Wild Card team because of tiebreakers. While playing at home hasn’t provided much advantage to the team since moving to Los Angeles, finding a way to grab the top spot and higher seed this time could provide the Chargers with an easier path to proving Gordon correct about where they stand in the overall pecking order.

16 responses to “Melvin Gordon: Chargers are the team to beat

  1. They didn’t even win their division. How could they possibly be the team to beat

  2. Gordon seems like a good kid.
    The Chargers are nothing, however. Most over-rated team last year. Exposed by the Pats, as I had no doubt that they would be.
    Rivers will never be seen the same way again, after his cry-baby meltdown.

  3. Remember that kid? The one that always talked about how good he was. Then the game started and you found out he wasn’t as good as he said. Yeah, that’s the Chargers.

  4. He’s definitely a Charger because that’s how they and their 2 fans roll, all talk and no action.

  5. Aww, so cute the annual Charger s are investors stories. Every year, they had to find an imaginary hold in outlast game with them to win, the NFL definitely wants them to win. They were close last year so you never know but you would think after doing these amenities every year it be enough, how about we wait until the actually win something.

  6. Maybe they should establish themselves as the best team in their own city before claiming to be the best team in the NFL.

  7. Melvin…problem is the LA Chargers are in an over-saturated pro sports market and are only an afterthought. LA Chargers have few fans. They left them behind when they bailed out of San Diego. Massive mistake by a once popular franchise.

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