Rams radio analyst says Todd Gurley was playing through injury all season

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Maurice Jones-Drew, the former NFL running back who currently works as the Rams’ radio analyst, says that running back Todd Gurley was hurt for the entire 2018 season.

Jones-Drew says that Gurley — who was not listed on the injury report until Week 16, the first game of the season that he missed — actually hurt his knee in the first game of 2018.

“Yes, he was banged up throughout the season. He got hurt in Week One, played through it the rest of the season,” Jones-Drew said on NFL Network. “He got banged up in Week One, he played through it, and he kind of just got worn down toward the end of the season.”

Jones-Drew said the Rams are going to give Gurley plenty of time off all summer to ensure that he’s healthy enough to play in Week One this season.

“Todd has a plan to be ready throughout the course of the season. They want to make sure they don’t run Todd as much as they did last year and the year before, all the way to where he can’t perform the last two games of the year,” Jones-Drew said.

Going forward, Jones-Drew said, Gurley can probably expect to see fewer snaps than he has in the past. In 2018 Gurley played 75 percent of the Rams’ offensive snaps, and in 2017 he played 76 percent. In 2019, it sounds like Gurley may be closer to 50 percent — and even then, only if he can stay healthy.

17 responses to “Rams radio analyst says Todd Gurley was playing through injury all season

  1. It is obvious to anyone that watches football that Todd has a chronic knee issue; yet the rams continuously lied in their injury reports and even during the off-season downplaying the situation. Good luck to him. Bad knees and running backs don’t get along.

  2. If that is true, it means the Rams should be in a lot of trouble for not reporting it. Again, IF the report is true, and I don’t know in what way MJD could prove his claim.

  3. Is there any……..double standard…..in punishments handed out by the league?

  4. “Lots of NFL players are constantly playing hiurt why should Gurley get special notice?”

    Because the injury wasn’t reported and Goodell has punished other teams for not doing so.

  5. David Copperfield is a Magician says:
    June 7, 2019 at 9:29 am
    Do aches and pains really need to be on the injury report? Nope.
    Not just impact/strain injuries but ANY medical condition (including illnesses) or anything else that limits a player’s ability or availability to fully practice or fully play. And anyway, his arthritic knee wasn’t swollen from playing tiddlywinks – indeed, without playing football he might not have developed it until middle-aged. But either way, it MUST be listed.

  6. It was clear as day he was hurt in the playoffs. This wouldn’t shock me in the slightest. Gurley is a good back, but not sure he will last long given the fact that he needs zone blocking to get free.

  7. Well at least he got paid first, but a running back with a arthritic knee is not a good situation. We will see how it goes but don’t be surprised if Gurley has to hang it up early.

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