Brian Gaine’s strained relationship with Bill O’Brien a factor in his firing

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The Texans fired General Manager Brian Gaine on Friday in part because he and head coach Bill O’Brien were not seeing eye to eye.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports Gaine’s relationship with O’Brien had eroded.

Texans Chairman Cal McNair decided to fire Gaine not for any one reason but simply because he didn’t think the organization was going in the right direction. Gaine was under contract through the 2022 season, so firing him now is going to be an expensive decision.

Now the question is how much influence O’Brien will have over McNair’s decision in hiring the next G.M. If O’Brien has any say in it, Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio would certainly be a strong candidate. The Texans tried to interview Caserio before hiring Gaine, and the Patriots blocked the interview. O’Brien and Caserio worked together in New England and are close friends.

Gaine was not O’Brien’s guy. Now we’ll see if McNair decides to hire the guy O’Brien wants.

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  1. usually a big mistake to put so much power in the hands of 1 man. certainly a mistake to put so much power in the hands of a head coach who has done so little to earn such trust.

  2. O’Brien and Caserio may be friends but he’s not going anywhere. Caserio is highly valued by the Patriots and he likes his varied roles, relationships and living in New England too much to consider leaving. Besides Caserio just received his Super Bowl ring this week at a lavish Robert Craft homestead party; which has become a regular occurrence of late; and which Caserio wants to be part of again. It’s thanks but no thanks Bill if Nick gets that call. It’s not happening.

  3. Seems like another franchise has no idea what their doing. How you let a gm run your entire off-season including your draft and then fire him is absurd.

  4. So, the coach who got into a very public, rip roaring argument with Brady on the sideline (and Brady usually takes criticism well, but not in that case) has had a strained relationship with his boss which has been a factor in his boss’s firing, and now is prevailing on his uber boss to hire away the Pats’ chief personnel guy, at a time when the Pats are also thin on coaching staff. If it doesn’t work out, the Texans might implode within the next 2-3 years.

  5. First Gase, now OBrien, neither of which are champions. Guess the trend is changing, hire Head Coach first and then bring in a GM that the Coach hand picks. Maybe that is the way to go! Gruden picked his own GM, these two positions have to be on the same page 24/7. However, who becomes the fall guy when things go south?

  6. So when the annual report of Bill O’Brien on the hot seat comes out, we can all dismiss it because it’s clear this guy has a ton of pull with the organization, he’s not going anywhere.

  7. Another team who feels that the GM and coach should be buddies. Oh they didn’t have a prior relationship? Better fire that GM. I need to get my boss canned because I didn’t know him before I started working for him.

  8. Hard to blame B.O.B., he’s gotten the Texans at least relevant over his tenure; Gaine, OTOH, had been GM for only a year and this past draft was somewhat questionable. They were likely to take OT Andre Dillard with their #1 but the Eagles traded to the pick right in front of them and took him.

    They then took Tytus Howard from Alabama St. instead of the ore heralded Juwaan Taylor, Cody Ford, Dalton Risner, Little, McGary, etc. Howard was considered 2nd, even 3rd round…likely a project.

    Did Gaine do this on his own? Was it the War Room consensus to take a project to protect DeShaun Watson? This has to factor in. Two underwhelming 2nd round picks also play into it. I can’t imagine B.O.B. getting overruled but Tytus Howard? Really?

  9. Lol so now you have a new GM with a coach he didn’t hire guess who won’t be there next year

  10. O’Brien has not done much in Houston. Surprised he has such staying power.

  11. Rick Smith had a strained relationship with O’Brien before he left. Gaine had a strained relationship with O’Brien… When will the Texans realize the problem might be O’Brien??

  12. How long is O’Brien going to reap the benefits of the fact that he had the privilege of coaching Tom Brady at some point in his career. Outside of that, has O’Brien accomplished anything? And lets be honest, Tom did the heavy lifting. Fast forward to his time as HC of Texans and he has only managed to oversee a turnstile at the QB position and has not come close to making any type of run in the playoffs. Texans would be wise to be searching for a GM that will immediately replace the current HC.

  13. So Bill O’Brien can’t get along with Rick Smith and can’t get along with Brian Gaine. O’Bren has won one playoff game in four tries. At what point does someone look around and say “You know, maybe Bill O’Brien is the problem?”

  14. Does O’Brien have blackmail photos of McNair? I just don’t understand how he has so much influence and power in that organization.

  15. No way Caserio pulls the rug out on BB now.

    NE didn’t block anything, they just gave Caserio an enormous raise.

    He is not going anywhere and will take over in five years when BB hangs it up.

  16. As pointed out, he got into it with Rick Smith and Brady too. However, don’t forget that he was also having issues with the Penn State admin during that brief stint, and allegedly he and Brock Osweiler nearly came to blows in the locker room or something, which everyone forgets because Osweiler was such a bad player. So how would anyone assume that he and Caserio would get along or that he wants to gamble his career on such a volatile person? He seems to be in the same vane of a Todd Hayley who never met a relationship that he couldn’t sabotage either. Watson is such a nice kid is the only reason it’s probably not an issue with him.

  17. So many of these NFL execs and coaches don’t seem to be able to get along, especially after working together awhile. I suppose it’s because of an eventual clash the giant egos that the NFL is full of?
    And the GM is supposed to be the HC’s boss. Why do so many NFL franchises put the cart before the horse, and give the HC greater authority than the GM, or let them help pick the GM? Makes little sense.

  18. Some of y’all clearly don’t follow the Texans. B.O.B isn’t the reason Gaines is gone, and while Mclain is generally word of God, he gets some things wrong in his old age. While it can be argued he didn’t have enough time, asides from Reid, Gaines did little to improve our team including letting key players walk away when they didn’t have to do so. This year we lost Matthieu who greatly improved our secondary, passed up on a few decent cbs in FA, and pretty much ignored our Oline and our lacking RB situation. As far as B.O.B. goes, he hasn’t been happy since we got Watson. Mahomes was on the Texans radar and once the great QB race in that draft happened the texans got the second best Qb who doesn’t fully fit into an extremely stubborn coaches playbook. I called it years ago. The day the Mcnair and Smith said no to Manning coming here when we were a QB away from a superbowl, was the day they cursed the Texans.

  19. Just want to know where is the media backlash against the Texans like there would be for many other franchises. Texans haven’t won anything in a long time just like the other franchises that would be criticized.

  20. O’Brien is good coach who several years had a team riddled with injuries and on one of them had the previous GM shove Osweiler down his throat without allowing O’Brien to even speak to the guy before he was signed. And he’s at gotten the team to the playoffs repeatedly even under those conditions.

  21. canetic says:
    June 8, 2019 at 8:18 am
    O’Brien has not done much in Houston. Surprised he has such staying power.
    Winning record 4 of 5 years plus 3 division championships. There are coaches that have done less with more talent.

  22. I really want to like the Texans, but this year, they seemed very inept when it comes to drafting good players, and getting the free agents that will help them win. They have a decent core groups of players, but that’s all. Commitment to mediocrity.

  23. To Deshaun Watson.

    “Do not sign an extension on your rookie deal if O’Brien is going to be the coach there for another 3-4 years.”

  24. Just name O’Brien the GM looks like he’s calling the shots anyways lol.

  25. bill o’brien has made the texans relevant. i’d say he’s earned his spot with the texans. the south has become more competitive recently, so we’ll see if his current performance merits more trust. i have no problem with texans ownership siding with the coach over the new gm, if they didn’t like the direction he was taking the team.

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