DeAndre Hopkins played through painful injuries last season

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Last season was a painful one for DeAndre Hopkins. The Texans didn’t advance as far as he had hoped, and he was more banged up than ever in his six seasons.

Hopkins didn’t miss a game, catching 115 passes for 1,572 yards and 11 touchdowns in the regular season in earning All-Pro honors. But he played through a nagging foot injury.

Then, he injured his shoulder in the playoff loss to the Colts, tearing “ligaments . . . completely off the bone.” Hopkins played all 71 snaps, though he caught only five passes for 37 yards.

Last year was tough, not just physically but mentally,” Hopkins said Saturday during an appearance at the Tri-Star Show at NRG Arena, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “It’s the most banged up I’ve ever been playing football.”

Hopkins has missed only one game in his career for injury, always managing to stay on the field no matter how painful.

“I was dealing with serious injuries [last season] a lot of people would have sat down for,” Hopkins said. “But we had a good team that depended on me, and I never gave a thought to not playing unless the doctors told me I couldn’t.”

Hopkins has spent the offseason rehabbing his foot and shoulder and expects to be ready for training camp.

8 responses to “DeAndre Hopkins played through painful injuries last season

  1. Best WR in the league and obviously one of the toughest, players like Sammy Watkins should take notice. Texans should make sure this guy retires a Texan.

  2. The truth is, about half the players in the NFL played with painful injuries all year in 2018. That’s why they get shot up with pain killers before the games.
    If anyone doesn’t think that’s true, you are living in the dark ages. I always get a kick out of announcers who watch a player be taken into the locker room in the first half of a game, and then later on report that the player was “cramping up” and had an IV while he was in the locker room, and that’s why he’s back on the field for the start of the third quarter.
    Yeah, right. You’d have to be pretty naive not to know he was injected with a pain killer while he was in there.

  3. Nuk is the best wr in the game and has set of mitts since Cris Carter. Love to watch this guy play and will buy all the shares I can of him in my fantasy leagues

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