Jim McMahon offers Mitchell Trubisky advice on playing QB in Chicago

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Mitchell Trubisky and Jim McMahon are the Bears’ most recent Pro Bowl quarterbacks. McMahon made his only Pro Bowl in 1985. Trubisky made his first in 2018.

The two met for the first time Friday and visited for a while, the Chicago Tribune reported.

They then shared the stage during the Bears100 Celebration.

McMahon, 59, gave Trubisky a headband and a pair of sunglasses, two trademarks of McMahon back in his playing days.

“Now you’re ready to go, kid,” McMahon said, via the newspaper.

McMahon played for the Bears for seven years, went 46-15 and won a Super Bowl. He remains the toast of the town.

“This town has always been a Bear town, and it’s always going to be a Bear town,” McMahon said. “I think this is a hard-working town, and these fans appreciate hard-working players. And they know who plays hard and who doesn’t. If you play hard for Chicago, they’ll love you. And if you play hard and win, they’ll love you forever.”

McMahon offered Trubisky advice on how to handle the position, the criticism and the fans.

“I think the two things in Chicago are that you just have to play with a lot of confidence, and then you have to have thick skin,” Trubisky said. “You just have to continue to give it your all, improve your game and put your heart into this and into practices. Love the fans, wins games and they’ll love you back.”

9 responses to “Jim McMahon offers Mitchell Trubisky advice on playing QB in Chicago

  1. Does anyone seriously think Trubisky is a franchise QB? Reminds me a lot of Alex Smith.

  2. He was a very good QB…..those great Bears teams of the 1980s could never win big games without him. They won with Steve Fuller, Tomzack, and all the other backup scrubs, but they never put up offensive points unless Mcmahon was starting.

  3. True statements to be sure. But not exactly specific to Chicago. Especially the “winning” part.
    Then again.. nobody ever accused McMahon of being an intellectual.

  4. I think everybody loved McMahon, including myself and many friends that are Packer fans. Little known fact: McMahon finished his career as a backup in Green Bay and he practiced dropkicks religiously, actually becoming quite good at them. By all accounts, McMahon drove Mike Holmgren almost over the edge by begging him, nonstop, to let him kick one in a game. I guess he was on Holmgren in meetings, in practice, during games, or even when they just passed each other in the hallway. I wish Holmgren would have let him kick one.

  5. Mac forgot to mention that it was that Bear defense that made him famous.

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