Report: Jets doubled offer to Joe Douglas, will pay more than $3 million a year

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Why did a week pass before news broke that Joe Douglas was the favorite to be named the G.M. of the Jets and the announcement that they’d finally hired him? It may be that the Jets initially tried to lowball Douglas with their initial contract offer.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets initially offered Douglas $1.5 million a year but ended up more than doubling that. Douglas has signed a six-year deal worth more than $3 million a year.

The Jets ultimately got their man, so it all worked out in the end, but lowballing their first-choice candidate for arguably the most important job in the franchise seems unwise. Douglas already had a good job with a good franchise, the Eagles, and trying to pay him below market rate could have turned him off to the Jets and made him decide to stay in Philadelphia.

Now Douglas has a six-year deal, which should make him feel secure that he’ll have the time to build the Jets’ roster his way.

39 responses to “Report: Jets doubled offer to Joe Douglas, will pay more than $3 million a year

  1. 18 million dollars to effectively captain the titanic. Not bad money. He will be gone in 2 to 3 years.

  2. If true, this news leaking out either demonstrates why he will not succeed (if it came from his side) or why the Jets have been such a mess for so long.

  3. Jets fan here and I don’t care. It doesn’t affect the salary cap so… great?

  4. they lowball front office personnel but pay bell way too much. J-E-T-S jets jets jets.

  5. And excellent medical to cover the wound from the inevitable knife inserted in his back.

  6. Joe Douglas is a very good hire. He is a very well respected talent evaluator around the league but still unproven in his overall team management skills. That being said, is this not the most jets story ever? The irony that without stability in the front office (and quite frankly this hire), the jets organization would most likely waste another talented roster due to the inability to properly manage it and they low ball the only guy for the job?

  7. The Johnson’s have been notoriously cheap when it comes to scouting department funding and money for respected exec’s it’s one of the many reasons why they hired the likes of Idzik and Maccagnan who weren’t even on Joe Douglas’s level of experience. It is funny how the Jets hire the best candidate out there who likely had to be given a lot of control with Woody Johnson’s unknown status in the UK and there are still people on here trashing the Jets. Get over it, the trolls look like fools and the Jets won.

  8. The Jets put themselves in this position. At the end of the day Joe Douglas should be the right hire. I wish him the best.

  9. >.The Jets ultimately got their man, so it all worked out in the end, but lowballing their first-choice candidate for arguably the most important job in the franchise seems unwise

    The beauty of this is it doesn’t count against the cap, thus doesn’t hurt the team at all. It comes right out of the owners pocket.

    A win-win for everyone.

  10. Everyone is saying either good or bad things about this guy. How about we wait and see what kind of moves he makes before we pass judgment.

  11. Joe Douglas (and Jets fans) can thank the Texans for pushing Jets management to finally open up their wallets to get him. He probably would have been in Houston in a heartbeat.

  12. dolphins4 says:
    June 8, 2019 at 8:34 am
    I wonder if he’ll get fired in 3 years when Gase does?

    Boy…you know it’s getting bad Jets fan when Dolphins fan is ragging on you.

  13. Look how long Joe Douglas was with the Eagles ,compared to their timeline of success and draft picks. Not a coincidence. Jets you almost blew it over 900k and I wish you did. I believe he was vital to my Eagles success.

  14. lol!!!!

    no one wants it!

    who on earth is joe douglas anyway? love it!

    the jets could offer 10 mil to nick caserio and he wouldn’t take it

  15. “lowballing their first-choice candidate for arguably the most important job in the franchise seems unwise.”

    To say the least. And I think he’s still being underpaid. Most GMs get 4-6 million a year from what I’ve seen.

    Good luck Jets fans, you’re gonna need it.

  16. “First order of business, fire Gase!”

    Lolz that would be hilarious though we know it won’t happen

  17. I take such pleasure in how miserable Patriots fans must be. So many wins, and they still feel the need to come into every Jets story to act like normal, everyday team activity and business somehow means disfunction. The Jets are living in Pats fans’ heads completely rent free.

  18. First they lowball the guy, then they take umbrage when the media prortrays Douglas as there only candidate, then Houston fires their GM and the Jets add an extra year and doubles Douglas’s money not to lose him? The Jets understood the NY media would destroy should them if they let Douglas walk away and his agent used that to extort a huge amount of money. When you’re a Jet you’re a Jet all the way, I guess.

  19. “I take such pleasure in how miserable Patriots fans must be.”

    You realize that the fans making fun of the Jets are from all 31 other franchises, not just the Pats don’t you?

    And as far as Pats fans, just because we’ve had all those wins and Super Bowl trophies doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy making fun of the Jets and we’re certainly not “miserable” because we do so.

    The same way that Jets fans and fans of the other 30 franchises go on Pats threads and make fun of them as well. Its called the internet and that’s how things work here.

  20. The success of a franchise in large part depends upon ownership. If the owners are bad owners, even a solid GM will often not be able to turn things around. All the more reason for JD to insist on a long term deal with a lot of guaranteed money.

  21. So, after he fires Gase in 2 years, he’ll get at least 4 years with ‘his’ guy.

  22. There is one very good reason that the Jets ended up with Douglas and Gates. They both had big wins vs NE. If you’re the Jets, the only way up is to beat the Pats. Makes sense to me, good hire.

  23. Joe Douglas spent 15 years in the Ravens organization. He learned from some of the Best in the biz, Ozzie Newsome, Phil Savage, Eric Decosta, George Kokinis. Being a great scout does not necessarily translate into becoming a great GM. However, it will help. He will do great. He was a great scout in Baltimore coveted by a lot of teams that have tried to lure him with promotions for the longest time. I am sure he will fill some positions with scouts he worked with in Baltimore, Chicago and Philly. Evaluating talent will not be a problem for the Jets moving forward. I can’t say the same about coaching…

  24. The Jets HAD to offer him more once the Texans fired their GM. They tried to talk to Douglas last year before they hired the guy they just fired but the Eagles blocked the interview. Once the Texans job became available again the Jets had to move fast and piney up the cash otherwise Douglas was going there. They became desperate real quick and Douglas capitalized on it… good on him. Hate to see him go, but can’t blame him one bit

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