A.J. Green: I can’t see myself playing anywhere else

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The Bengals said earlier this year that they see no need to wait until wide receiver A.J. Green plays out the final year of his current deal before they give him an extension, but no deal to extend Green’s stay in Cincinnati has been struck at this point.

A lack of desire to stay with the only NFL team he’s ever played for does not appear to be the reason. Green said on Friday that he has not been thinking about playing for any other team in 2020.

“Cincinnati is home for me,” Green said, via FOX19 in Cincinnati. “I’ve been here nine years. This is home as much as South Carolina. All I know is Cincinnati. I can’t see myself playing anywhere else or playing in a different city. Hopefully I can be here for a couple more years.”

Green is set to make a base salary just under $12 million this season. A franchise tag in 2020 would cost the Bengals over $18 million.

Green has been working on the side this spring after having surgery, but said that he’s been cleared to resume football activities. The Bengals close out their offseason program with minicamp this week, so they’ll have time to work on a deal with Green before training camp gets underway.

34 responses to “A.J. Green: I can’t see myself playing anywhere else

  1. AJ is everything the Bengals and their fans could ever hope for. It’s not just about money for him and he’s one of the best receivers of his time.

  2. Green is one of the best WRs in the game and he’s worth right around $12 million. He should be able to retire and live like a king. He should just do whatever makes him happy. If he likes Cincy, he can stay. His kids haven’t started school yet, so he has some flexibility. I’m not sure Cincinnati would be my first choice to settle down. I’d rather be somewhere like Seattle, but I’m not A.J.

  3. He’s a great player,who will unfortunately spend his entire career in Cincinnati….

  4. If A.J. had a competent Quarter back add about 150 more catches, 2500 more yards and a good 25-30 more touchdowns……. Andy Dalton has missed him that much……that would be easily hall of fame numbers added to what he has……I bet the Bengals have seen more than that on their game tape….

  5. as a fan of elite athletes, i wish he’d get out of cinci with a little better QB and see what he could really do. Hopefully he can at least stay healthy for 16 games this year.

  6. Translation: Winning means nothing to me and I am hoping to scrape out 2-3 more years of a pay check. Not saying he doesnt deserve the money, but how could anyone possibly say they hope to stay in Cincinnati?

  7. His passion for the game shows during games. Outstanding athlete. Better person. All the best to AJ and family!

  8. Steelers fan here. Not only one of the best players to ever put on a uniform, but one of the best men alive. I can’t think of any team who would not want him.

  9. What do ya know. A smart, dedicated player who’s loyal to his team. The Bengals have had a lot of great receivers and Green is right at the top with Chad Johnson and Isaac Curtis.

  10. If he went somewhere and experienced consistent winning, it would probably add an extra 2-3 years onto his career.

  11. Congrats to AJ. He has probably saved his body and lengthened his career longevity (and earnings) by a season or two by simply never having to play in any post season games. Good for him!

  12. Cincinnati is a fantastic place to live and raise children. Hope a great player like him enjoys the experience.

  13. AJ is a true pro and team player. Cincinnati has been fortunate to have him all these years and it sounds like he’s grateful to have been there. He does his coaches, teammates, front office, and fans proud.

  14. Dear Brown Family,

    Can you not Whitworth this guy? Give AJ his money and let him retire a Bengal. As fans, we have pretty much nothing to get excited for and what you did to Andrew Whitworth was not only stupid for the franchise but pathetic when it comes to loyalty.

    Please do the right thing,

    Bengal fan

  15. He’ll likely never get a Super Bowl ring but he’s made a fortune and is happy there. Easy to say he should leave a place he likes just because the person posting doesn’t like it. Harder to do in real life than on the internet.

  16. kudos for him if he wants to stay … as sometimes the bright lights n limelight of the marquee places or teams is not for everyone and every player at some point has to make the choice between winning a ring, more bling so or just the comfort of the existing team.. so if he wants to stay wot the hey huh …. he’s been a great player never in trouble as far as I can tell so in the end he thus does deserve to play out the final years on his own terms … but sure would not all of us fans of other teams like to see him on ours

  17. He is going to have a monster year now that Tyler Boyd has come of age and we may actually have a good TE.
    Thank you for the loyalty AJ!

  18. AJ is definitely one of the guys the Bengals got right. He’s smart enough to know the grass isn’t always greener (no pun intended), just ask Chad and TJ.

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