Is Nick Caserio the top choice to become the next Texans G.M.?

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As the Texans begin to line up candidates to replace Brian Gaine as the team’s General Manager, the process may be starting, as many of theses processes do, with a top choice in mind.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle believes the top choice may be Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio.

McClain explains that Caserio was the top choice in early 2018, when the Texans hired Gaine to replace Rick Smith. But the Patriots blocked the move in 2018, and it’s possible the move will be blocked now.

Ultimately, the question depends on whether the Patriots blocked the move in January 2018 because their season had not ended, or because the job did not constitute the kind of job that allows one team to hire an executive from another team, regardless of whether the other team consents to it.

The relevant league policy requires that, in order to hire an executive under contract with another team, the new team must offer “the primary authority over all personnel decisions related to the signing of free agents, the selection of players in the College Draft, trades, and related decisions; and . . . the primary responsibility for coordinating other football activities with the head coach.”

Although “[f]inal authority regarding the composition of the 53-player roster is not a requirement,” the job nevertheless must convey primary authority to the G.M. If it doesn’t, request for permission to interview an executive under contract with another team can be denied.

The final analysis entails a delicate balance of the power the team is willing to give to the G.M., along with the power contractually reserved to the head coach. If coach Bill O’Brien already has the kind of authority that otherwise would go to a strong G.M., the G.M. job in Houston essentially becomes “G.M. Light,” lacking the kind of power that would allow the Texans to pry Caserio away from the Patriots.

Then there’s the question of whether Caserio wants to leave. Not infrequently, an executive who doesn’t want to interview for a job asks that it be framed as a denial of permission, taking the focus away from the candidate.

Without the Texans disclosing the full details of O’Brien’s contract and/or the job description of the G.M. position post-Gaine, it’s impossible to know whether the Patriots or any other team can deny permission. If that’s the case, however, the Texans may be relegated to candidates who currently aren’t under contract with an NFL team.

16 responses to “Is Nick Caserio the top choice to become the next Texans G.M.?

  1. “If coach Bill O’Brien already has the kind of authority that otherwise would go to a strong G.M., the G.M. job in Houston essentially becomes “G.M. Light,” lacking the kind of power that would allow the Texans to pry Caserio away from the Patriots.”

    I think O’Brien would be delighted if Caserio was interested and able to take the job.

  2. Getting kind of tired of teams, especially ones that consist of former Patriots coaches trying to go after internal Pats personnel….going after their free agents is all fair & good, but now their key guys up high is getting old!!!

  3. O’Brien can’t get along with anybody. Soon they will find out that he’s the problem

  4. why would he even want to bother to leave as must already know he moves into the big chair once BB finally calls it a day most likely within five years …. but houson already seems to be patriot south so it may not leave a totally sour taste in the mouth to try the job on for size somewhere else but where so many things will remain the same

  5. It seems like 20 million guys have left the Patriots coaching staff and front office, yet look who’s holding the Lombardi Trophy right now. It’s number 6. None of the guys who left have won a super bowl. If Bill Belichick isn’t making $50 million a year, he should be. The Patriots have no “top people”. It’s only Bill.

  6. Caserio is waiting for BB to retire in 5 years or so to take over. He would never stab BB in the back at this point. Kraft will just keep giving him the necessary raises to keep him.

    He’d be a fool work for an inferior owner.

  7. Folks the head coach and Caserio conspired to fire Gaine. Worst kept plan in the league. Now o’brien is floating stories to the media that Gaine was inquiring about fhe jets job. Flat out lie. Gaine has young kids and wanted to raise them in Houston. OBrien wanted him out cause now when they go 8-8 he can say gaine didnt get enough secondary or OL help. He bought himself more time. Hes a .500 coach and a back stabbing liar. The texans can stage as many interviews as they want. Caserio was hired before they fired gaine.

  8. This pilfering should not go on year round. The Patriots lost seemingly half their coaching staff — narrowly avoided losing McDaniels last year — and now at some ridiculous hour, a team fires its GM so they could target Caserio.

    The Patriots should get compensatory picks for this.

  9. Caserio is still young, and seems smart enough to realize that hitching the next 20 years of his future in football to O’Brien’s eventual fate in Houston isn’t going to be anymore than an opportunity to work with friends for 2-3 years and then it will have become a step backward from where he is right now.

  10. Taking that which has been built elsewhere isn’t nearly the same as building something yourself. Soon there will be nowhere to hide on game day, and fate will once again be set in motion. Good luck in the AFC South, much less the AFC. Caserio knows there are no Lombardi’s coming to Houston.

  11. For any of the young coaches and front office people in NE, they need to learn as much as they can from the master, but no one wants to be the guy that leads the team after BB. You can’t possibility match his level of success, and the inevitable comparisons will be onerous.

    Much better to start over again on a lousy team like the Jets where even a single playoff birth will be considered a revelation.

  12. I know the Patriots have won Super Bowls with Caserio in charge, but he didn’t draft Tom Brady or hire Bill Belichek, and the rest of the roster is filled with middle of the road talent. Look how well Scott Pioli and Jason Licht have done as GM. Texans, you’re getting that, not the next Patriots.

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