Some former Bears weren’t John Fox fans

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Former NFL coach John Fox took the Panthers and Broncos to the Super Bowl. He didn’t have quite the same impact on the Bears, and a couple of notable Bears from past years are glad Fox is gone.

Thank God John Fox’s ass is out of town,” Hall of Fame defensive lineman Dan Hampton said during a weekend event held in connection with the team’s 100th season celebration, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “Thank God.”

Former Bears safety Gary Fencik was slightly more measured and diplomatic (but far less fun).

“What I find refreshing, I liked John Fox, but John Fox didn’t treat fans with respect,” Fencik said. “And I’m a [Bears] fan. I’m a season ticket holder. And it was kind of like, ‘You don’t deserve to know,’ or ‘I’m not going to give you a lot of information.’ What I really like about Matt [Nagy] is I think he recognizes and respects that the fans aren’t idiots.”

Fox definitely adopted a far more guarded approach when he landed in Chicago. That works when you win. When you lose, it greases the skids to unemployment.

The Bears now have a winner in Nagy, and for the first time since the mid-1980s reason to believe that the team will be in the mix for postseason appearances not once every few years but consistently.

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  1. He wasn’t a terrible coach but his Panthers SB team was only average-rated (15th) in the league that year but enjoyed an at-the-time relatively weak NFCS and only had to getthe better of non-playoff Tony Romo to get to the SB. Then at Denver he had the benefit of an artificially PED-repaired Peyton Manning and Park Ave’s backing. But he got exposed when he took over a poor semi-dysfunctional Bears and simply lacked the skills to sort them out. Yet another example of an assistant who got promoted too far, as over half of NFL HCs are.

  2. …but we’re still stuck with the same ownership and as long as the McCaskey’s are running the show who knows where the Bears are going.

  3. The rebuild started under him. He recreated the culture, which was a complete dumpster fire under Trestman. He hired competent assistants (initially).

    Beyond that, it was a huge disappointment, especially the constant injuries. While I don’t think coaches need to kiss fans’ butts, his regime would lie to us about injuries, which was pretty bad. (Think Kevin White’s status, which was a total lie one year).

    If Trestman wasn’t so bad, he would be considered a lot worse, but Trestman *was* that bad, and the defense was even worse than bad under him.

  4. The nfc north is going to be the division to watch this season. Any of the four teams could make a deep run. Well, maybe not Detroit lol

  5. As long as Ted Phillips is around, the bears are doomed. McCaskey family + Phillips = fans worst nightmare. 😦

  6. Lovie Smiths defense got old and a total rebuild had to happen under Marc Trestman GM Phil Emery and that rebuild was bungled . So John Fox had to start a rebuild with other Teams practice squad players outside of Chris Long and Fuller none of Phil Emery’s players are on the Roster. Gary Fencik’s comments are far more fair he wasn’t good with the media/fans but he did set the table for the Bears success under Matt Nagy

  7. The problem with Fox is he kept putting his hands on the offense to make it too conservative. Never took chances and kept making dumb mistakes on his challenges.

    I knew he was doomed on the challenge against Green Bay when Green Bay got a turnover when bears player fumbled ball and touched pile on. That was one of the few challenges fox won and it helped the other team.

  8. Not a Bears fan, but have lived in the area my whole life … Chicago is a horribly tough place to be for the head coach and the starting QB. It is completely ridiculous, because 1985 was 30+ years ago, but the fact is, every Bears coach and player STILL has to live in the shadow of that team. Even if the 2006 Bears had beaten the Colts, the ’85 Bears would still be lurking. It truly is amazing how a one-year wonder Super Bowl champion, will probably forever dwarf a franchise like no other.

  9. Jerry Angelo’s poor drafts, Lovie’s inability to put the total emphasis on defense killed the Bears for Years. They drafted for defense and could not find a decent offensive coordinator to work for Lovie.

  10. OK let’s get one thing straight, Fox didn’t take Denver to the SB, he grabbed onto Peyton’s coattails and went along for the ride!

  11. Is this 2018? That horse. It is dead. Nagy is a great coach. As a Vikings fan, while I wish nothing but the worst for the Bears, they hit a home run this time. I have no clue why anyone would bring Fox back up after the season the Bears had last year.

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