Cole Beasley expects to get more opportunities in Buffalo

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For seven seasons, Cole Beasley was beloved in Dallas. He grew up in a suburb north of Dallas, played at SMU and became a big part of the Cowboys offense despite being only 5 foot 8 and going undrafted.

Now, though, he is the enemy.

Unafraid to speak his mind on social media or in interviews, Beasley has rubbed Cowboys Nation the wrong way since he signed a four-year, $29 million deal with the Bills. Dallas offered Beasley a contract but didn’t value the position as much as the Bills did, with the Cowboys instead signing free agent Randall Cobb to a one-year, $5 million deal.

The Cowboys “didn’t value the slot position like they do here,” Beasley said, via Tim Graham of “That’s a big reason why I left. I want to be utilized to my strengths and have more opportunities to play football.

“I felt like it was easy for me to be taken away. Really, in that offense, all you had to do was bracket me because I went beyond 5 yards rarely. And when I did, it was from the same formation; I was in the same spot all the time.”

The Cowboys changed offensive coordinators, firing Scott Linehan and hiring Kellen Moore. Beasley, though, suggested on Twitter in January it didn’t matter who the Cowboys offensive coordinator was, saying the team’s front office directs where the ball goes.

Beasley ranked third in targets (450), receptions (319) and touchdowns (23) during his seven seasons, trailing only Jason Witten and Dez Bryant. (Yes, that includes the 2018 season when neither Witten nor Bryant played for the Cowboys.)

“In this offense, we move around,” Beasley said of the Bills. “We’re everywhere. It’s going to be harder to key on one guy here. It’s a lot better than where I was before.

“I’ll get to run routes from spots I’ve never gotten to run routes from. It’s going to be sweet. I’m excited about it.”

Beasley, 30, is rehabbing from core muscle surgery, keeping him off the practice field this offseason. But he obviously expects to be more productive in Buffalo than he was in Dallas.

He also expects to be happier.

“I’m just glad to be here,” Beasley said, “where it’s 100 percent about ball and not a show or a brand. It’s purer here.”

14 responses to “Cole Beasley expects to get more opportunities in Buffalo

  1. It’s up to Daboll to scheme up some good ways to get Beasley open and Josh Allen has to hit him, but I could see Beasley preforming well if he is utilized like Julian Edelman in New England

  2. I’ve been a Cole Beasley fan since his days at SMU. I was really happy when the Cowboys signed him. He played a key role as Dak’s go to guy. However Beasley is right in his assessment about the Cowboys offense. The ‘Boys have never valued the slot receiver as a true asset. Team like the Patriots value the slot receiver more. In the Cowboys offense, the slot is mostly used when the play called breaks down, or a heavy blitz happens. In the Patriots offense, the slot is used as a main target. That is a big difference in philosophy about how you use the slot receiver. I hate to lose Cole Beasley, but as long as he is happy, I’m happy for him.

  3. Cole Beasley quit at one point and the coaches had to beg him to come back to camp.
    And he notorious for fumbling the ball.
    Oh and yeah he only received 5 yards at a time because he can’t get open down the field like a real WR. Ask him to run a deep out and see how he does.

  4. you guys are getting a bonafide slot reciever, too bad braindead Linehan couldn’t utilize his talents better, solid hands and quick as a hiccup, shame to see him go

    103 career games with 320 receptions
    5 career fumbles
    not bad for any reciever thats getting gouged and punched at the ball on every reception

  5. Allen will need to learn to trust in his slot WR when he has nothing down field. But given Josh’s ability to run should free Beasley up wjen the LBs start to key on Josh. It should be a two headed monster.

  6. I suspect that Beasley thinks that he is MUCH better than he really is. Good to be competitive, but maybe not to the point of delusion. I also believe that his big talk will prove misguided, but hey, good for him if he pulls off a positive jump.

  7. Didn’t Beasley turn down an offer from the Patroits to chose Buffalo instead? Sounds like a bunch of Cowboys fans undervalue him if the Pats were making offers.

  8. but does allen have the ability to use a slot receiver? he seems to be go deep or check down or run it. it’ll be interesting to see how much his game has and will develop.

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