Joe Mixon: We’re gonna shock a lot of people

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New has been the buzzword for the Bengals this offseason.

There’s a new head coach doing things differently than Marvin Lewis used to do them, a new way of installing the offense and, per running back Joe Mixon, a “new feel” across the board. Mixon believes that all the new things that head coach Zac Taylor is doing will pay off come the regular season.

“Everybody’s starting to buy in,” Mixon said during an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “We’re all excited to be there. Coach Taylor, the tradition that he’s trying to bring to us and things like that. I believe that we’re definitely going to be a real-life contender coming up here this next season. People sleep on us. That’s fine, we’ll let ’em sleep. At the same time, I believe we’re gonna shock a lot of people.”

The Bengals didn’t provide too many shocks to anyone’s system the last few years. We’ll find out if Mixon is right about trying things a different way adding up to something better.

19 responses to “Joe Mixon: We’re gonna shock a lot of people

  1. Sorry Bengals, you missed big show again, for the offseason SB was already played out between Bills and Cards and ended in a scoreless tie.

  2. jimnaizeeum
    Jun 10, 2019, 7:11 PM EDT
    More shocking is that this piece of trash is adored by Browns fans

    Even more shocking is you confusing the Bengals as the Browns and Joe Mixon as Kareem Hunt. If you’re gonna trash an entire fan base, get yo’ facts straight, Cuz

  3. The Bengals have always been a decent team, they didn’t have a QB who could compete with the upper echelon of NFL QB’s. I don’t think a coaching change is going to change anything. When Ryan Finley becomes the starting QB, I expect big time changes.

  4. jimnaizeeum
    Jun 10, 2019, 7:11 PM EDT
    More shocking is that this piece of trash is adored by Browns fans

    What’s even more shocking is you confusing the Bengals with the Browns, and Joe Mixon for Kareem Hunt. If you want to trash an entire fan base, youbetter get your facts straight. Stay in your lane, Cuz.

  5. If being in wild card contention Week 16 counts as shocking, I can agree. Giving these guys something to get excited about after Marvin’s depressing act is worth a few wins itself.

  6. Everyone seems to think the Bengals are doomed to failure this year. Folks seem to forget the Bengals were 5-3 last year before the bye, beating teams that had lost no more than 1 game at the time, which included Baltimore in Baltimore. After the bye the Bengals lost A.J. Green, Tyler Eifert, Andy Dalton, and Joe Mixon for several games. The also lost 4 starters on defense. When you lose 4 pro bowlers on offense and the heart of your defense it gets tougher to win in the NFL. I have no idea how they will do this year but you can’t blame Mixon for being optimistic, assuming most of the key guys make it back on the field.

  7. Well, Marvin Lewis was good for two losses per season with poor time management and Conservative game plans. Let’s see what Zac Taylor can do.

    They don’t have all the pieces on defense for this year, but the offense should be entertaining if the OL is improved.

  8. seriousfan84205 says:
    June 10, 2019 at 6:54 pm
    Maybe he has learned not to hit women…


    Pretty sure he has. He was18, and out of reaction hit a female who hit him first. Had to toe the line 3 years at Oklahoma, and hasn’t had any issues since being in the league. He’s active in the Cincy community, and is a model teammate.

  9. The Bengals are better off keeping quiet and being an afterthought in that division. THEN they can surprise people. I think the Browns and Steelers will both surprise by not being as good as their fans expect. The Ravens are a huge question mark with a lot of changes and a QB who hasn’t shown he can pass. 10-6 wins that division and any of the four teams could end up doing it.

  10. When you’ve been on the bottom, theres no place to go but up.

    That pretty much says what I was going to say!

  11. I believe in second chances…I believe the Joe Mixon is making good on his 2nd chance. Glad he is optimistic. He could be holding out, causing a distraction like Bell did.

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