Robbie Gould won’t be at 49ers minicamp

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Robbie Gould would prefer not to suit up for the 49ers at all, so he definitely won’t be at minicamp this week.

Gould still hasn’t signed his franchise tender, and according to Adam Schefter of ESPN, he won’t attend this week’s camp.

Since he’s not under contract he can’t be fined for the absence.

Gould has asked to be traded, in hopes of getting closer to his Chicago home (and as it happens, the Bears need a kicker). But the 49ers have been insistent that Gould would not be traded.

7 responses to “Robbie Gould won’t be at 49ers minicamp

  1. The Niners will trade him to Da Bears. Da Bears had better be prepared to cough up!!

  2. Gould has been surprisingly good as a Niner and is sucks that he doesn’t want to play for them anymore. Consistent kickers are few and far between anymore.

    I do think Robbie has overplayed his hand this time. SF is not about to let him walk a way from the tag without getting something in return and it looks like the Bears are moving on after bringing in several guys for tryouts. I don’t see him throwing away $5M so he can be closer to home.

    Suck it up Robbie, sign the tag and get your butt into camp.

  3. maxamili says:
    June 10, 2019 at 2:27 pm
    You’re jus a kicker
    If you didn’t wanna play there then why u sign

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    9th highest scorer in the NFL. Scored almost a hundred more points than the next player in San Francisco. I’d say that Gould is more than “…jus a kicker…”.

  4. It is best to be prepared for the worst, and that is Robert Gould may decide to hold out for the entire 2019 season.

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