Chris Jones staying away from Chiefs minicamp

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Chiefs defensive end Chris Jones is willing to give up a little money, as he continues to look for a lot of it.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Jones is skipping mandatory minicamp this week, while he waits for a new contract.

Jones has skipped all the voluntary OTAs up to this point, so this one is kind of #asexpected.

The difference this week is he’s subject to fines of $88,650 if he misses all three days.

Jones is entering the final year of his rookie deal, and he’s scheduled to make $1.2 million this year. That makes him both wildly underpaid and subject to the franchise tag next year if they can’t come to a long-term deal (and it’s unclear how that effort is going).

Jones is coming off a 15.5-sack season for a Chiefs defense that has undergone massive changes this offseason.

14 responses to “Chris Jones staying away from Chiefs minicamp

  1. Well he better hope the Chiefs don’t put him on “wait and see” this year before extending him because on a rookie deal, those fines add up to a hefty amount and furthermore, not training with your team, in a brand new system with a brand new coach, can make you look baaad during the season.

    If he doesn’t get an extension, and goes into the season without camps, he could get injured for not being in “football” shape. He could also be so out of the loop and rythem with his teammates that he misses sack opportunities and blows plays over and over causing penalties and leaky line coverage. In the end, this is just going to hurt him if that happens. His value will go down if he has a bad season on his final year.

  2. mrpistachiojones says:
    June 11, 2019 at 10:17 am
    In the words of Teddy KGB, “pay the man his money”

    2 3 Thank You


    They don’t have it.

    Everyday that goes by, Mahomes gets more and more leverage. Did you see Wentz’s bloated deal on one leg?

  3. Have to pay 15.5 sack man, KC needs to take money away from Sammy W and spend it more efficiently

  4. Nothing bloated about Wentz’s deal. Salary cap is going up and TV deals are about to be renegotiated. They gave him a ton of money up front, which he would be getting anyways, for a lesser overall deal now. Best front office in football

  5. Going into the post season Tyreek Hill and Chris Jones contracts were a priority, nobody in the organization forgot about him, he isn’t the odd man out. In fact, with not having to pay Hill there is more than enough money to pay Jones what he deserves even with all of the additions this year. Everybody that isn’t a Chiefs fan is hoping they can’t make something work. Everyone who is and keeps up knows that he is a priority for the club. I’m not even a little bit worried. The guy knows his value.

  6. Jesus for the people that don’t know. KC has $24,443,937 in cap space this year alone, along with $22,335,859 next year. That doesn’t include any potential cuts like a Watkins. Chiefs do not need to rush extending Mahomes, still has his 5th year option, and franchise tag.

  7. tylawspick6 says:

    June 11, 2019 at 9:55 am

    Good thing they signed Sammy Watkins and Mathieu. Sweet salary allocation.

    Its the Frank Clark trade and contract that has Jones upset. He is wanting the same type of contract.

  8. If they just hired a guy that does the same job as you and paid him 10 times more money than you, I am guessing you would probably stay home too. Pay the man.

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