David DeCastro: Everything’s more team-oriented now

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The Steelers locker room looks different than it did when they were last on the field in Week 17 of the 2018 season and the word this offseason has been that it feels different as well.

Wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster and others have said that the new feeling is a better one. Right guard David DeCastro added his name to the list of those who feel the team has moved in a better direction.

DeCastro said that he feels everyone is now on the same page in Pittsburgh and called it a more “team-oriented” group than the one they had in previous years.

“I think things have changed pretty well around here,” DeCastro said, via ESPN.com. “Just coming back and seeing it, talking to people. I’m excited, I really am, just to play football.”

The Steelers still have to show that the new atmosphere produces winning results on the field, but it probably doesn’t hurt that players are happy to be in the building this year.

8 responses to “David DeCastro: Everything’s more team-oriented now

  1. What else are they going to say? The GM made it clear he thinks Ben is a man, and the rest of the team is just made up of 52 other expendable boys.

  2. They’re trying way too hard to push the narrative. Piling on about All-Pros who don’t play for you any more is a sad, desperate look. Like trashing the ex who dumped you for someone better.

  3. Addition by subtraction? Time will tell. JuJu is going to be the lynchpin on this team now. He will either have the #1 CB on him or be double covered on every play.

  4. If things were really that good, they wouldn’t be out there blabbing about it 24/7. This team has imploded and their coverups ( like AB’s fake injury at the end of the season) aren’t working. The unruly obnoxious fan base is in for a big surprise this year.

  5. I love how fans of other teams are so worried that the Steelers might actually be getting their act together. All the bashing that they do on stories about the competition shows the fear. I’m not much of a Pitt fan, but it is funny how everyone is on this stuff.

  6. i think it’s important to note, that the media is asking the steelers players/coachees this question relentlessly. so yes, you’re going to be hearing a lot about it for a while going into the season.

  7. Decastro is the real deal.

    The PR game is not his game. He is road grader with a brain.

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