Former NFL standout Aldon Smith faces new DUI charges

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One of the best pass rushers of the past decade continues to have struggles away from the field.

Via, Aldon Smith has been arrested in Mission, Kansas on charges of suspicion of DUI. Pulled over for speeding and illegally changing lanes, police determined that Smith failed a sobriety test.

Smith refused a breathalyzer.

The seventh pick in the 2011 draft averaged nearly one sack per game in the early years of his career. Smith last played in 2015 for the Raiders, and he has been unable to secure reinstatement following an extended suspension.

New Raiders defensive end Clelin Ferrell wears No. 99 in honor of Smith, and Ferrell explained before the draft that Smith’s issues helped Ferrell stay on the night path.

“I wore the number because of him and because I feel like I could be the kind of player he should have been,” Ferrell said in an appearance on #PFTPM. “Aldon Smith was such a great player. I loved his game. But I learned so much from him as far as the different mistakes that he made. It’s sad to say that. I wish I could have learned from his success. A lot of the mistakes he made off the field is something that I definitely learned from and looked to to see like if I’m ever in that situation this is how I should handle it as to how he might have . . . When you get into the NFL it’s much more than just football.”

22 responses to “Former NFL standout Aldon Smith faces new DUI charges

  1. Smith was represented by the NFLPA. They defended him. Never forget that.
    NFL made the correct call in suspending Smith.

  2. Up there with Josh Gordon on the list of most wasted talent ever in this sport.

  3. Him and David Irving are the two biggest headscratchers of this generation. Awesome, natural raw talent attached to shortsighted, foolish heads. What could have been…..

  4. Everyone has their own reasons why they would want to wear a specific number, but honestly, this one is right up there in terms of weird. I can understand not wanting to fall in the same pitfalls that old and dead, but generally speaking wearing a number is more out of respect and honor neither of which in this case is probably deserved.

  5. Aldons career fell apart once justin Smith wasn’t lining up next to him. Just a fact. He had no one next to him that could hold offensive linemen the way justin could.

  6. Obviously, Smith has serious problems with substance abuse. It’s a good thing he hasn’t killed someone or himself with his reckless behavior.

  7. New Raiders defensive end Clelin Ferrell wears No. 99 in honor of Smith, 


    That was true in college, he’s #96 on the Raiders.

  8. What the heck was he doing in Kansas? Did he figure if the Chiefs were keeping someone like Hill maybe they could get him reinstated too?

  9. Good call, bird2urmother…Justin Smith was an underrated DT/DE who played hard and swallowed up blockers. Once he retired the entire defence wasn’t the same. He deserved to be a champion.

  10. Aldons career fell apart once justin Smith wasn’t lining up next to him. Just a fact. He had no one next to him that could hold offensive linemen the way justin could.


    That’s false. Someone broke down every sack of Aldon’t career and a vast majority of them came on Aldon just beating his guy 1 vs. 1. The stunting that the 49ers used to do with the two Smith’s accounted for only a handful of Aldon’t sacks.

    Nice try though

  11. Bernard Sanders/2020🇺🇸 says:
    June 11, 2019 at 4:01 pm
    He has drinking problem just like more then half the men in this country & all of the idiots that do it at sporting events and in horrors movies!!!
    KC is not in the state of Kansas. My guess if that you failed 5th grade. Also, Aldon went to school in MO, if is from that area.

  12. A wise man learns from his mistakes.
    A super wise man learns from the mistakes of others.

  13. I really am surprised by this news, I thought Aldon would have turned his life around by now

    Said no one, ever

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